Martine is a strong woman whose story is one of survival and hope. She has survived breast cancer and gives hope to us all that cancer can be beaten and we can go on to living a healthy life. 

She is 52 if you can believe it and works in the Customs security at the airport. I keep seeing her on my travels since I travel interstate a lot! 

Budoir is not a genre provided at LA Photography and the "white sheet shoot" is not a budoir portrait experience. It is however a portrait experience that will leave you feeling feminine and sexy.


At LA Photography is the strong belief that a woman's beauty is not in her body parts but deeper within.


Her beauty can be found in her soul and her eyes are the connection. I will work with you to take you to a safe place where we will connect your heart and soul with beautiful portraits as the result. My super power is being able to take you to that safe place no matter how photogenic you think you are or are not. 

Being photogenic is not what produces beautiful portraits. Being open to allowing me to guide you to a place where you have perhaps forgotten existed within you is what produces beautiful portraits .

Martine's live beauty makeover experience:

At LA Photography there are no surprises. Within 1- 2 weeks your images will be ready. Viewing of images takes place at the LA Photography studio where not only do you get to view your images in digital form but in the final printed form. You get to take your chosen prints home there and then unless you order something different such as acrylic prints.


I'll be honest. Some clients would prefer to be able to view the images online but in my experience, clients actually prefer viewing their images this way. It's easy to think a print is just a print until you see the difference in quality which is best shown not discussed over email or phone.

You get to see the difference in the quality of the products there and then, and most of all I am here for you to ask any questions for an immediate response. 

As an artist it is my intention to provide you with a professional printed product that you can cherish for decades to come and your future generations can.


I cannot do this digitally. When clients see themselves in enlarged printed form sometimes it can be an emotional experience since we are here to show a new light to yourself. It is difficult to convey what happens when this is achieved. I have had clients hug me I have had clients give me gifts that I do not expect. 

I can only suggest you come and challenge me to do the same for you. 

Come on into the LA Photography studio for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation with NO obligation to book to find out how we can assist you in looking your best. Email me now to book one HERE