Wedding photography: The LA Photography Wishing Well

My clients actually gave me this idea when clients started approaching family members asking for them to purchase family portraits from their sessions to be their Christmas/ Birthday gift. 


I have now extended this to weddings- and introducing the LA Photography Wishing Well.


It is customary for couples to ask their friends for presents of monetary value instead of physical presents by couples leaving a Wishing Well at their wedding. Friends expect this, welcome this and accept this is now part of traditional weddings. 


To assist you in being able to budget for your wedding photography LA Photography has the following implemented: 

* Payment plans: In the LA Photography payment plans, you only need to make a payment of $350 to book the day. The remainder of the balance maybe paid as you can when you can (with regular fortnightly or monthly payments organised ahead of time being made). The final balance of the payment simply needs to be paid within one month of the date. 


* The LA Photography Wishing Well: You may decide to ask your guests instead of donating to the Wishing Well at your wedding, you may like to forward them this page where they are able to make a payment on your behalf. It makes sense since you will be asking them at the wedding for monetary gifts and they are coming to your wedding aware of this. 


LA Photography will provide you with a letter to email to your guests written on your behalf and instructions for them to make a payment to the LA Photography Wishing Well. For more information regarding The LA Photography Wishing Well process please email Laine:


I am here to make things easier for your wedding photography budget to show you that it is possible to have the wedding album of your dreams and to not accept second best.


Couples have been grateful once shown how payment plans work where they previously thought wedding photography for them was out of their budget.


To make a donation to the LA Photography Wishing Well for your friends wedding:


Your friends simply need to click on the below image which will take them directly to the LA Photography SHOP page where they will be prompted to make their payments. They simply need to email me to advise me who it has been done on behalf of. I will also email them an invoice that the payment has been received. 

Wish it. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Wishing Wells makes dreams come true.