Weddings: Should I have my children included in the ceremony?

I have seen brides post into Facebook wedding photography groups asking the question: "Should I include children at our wedding?"



LA Photography strongly values family. One of the most heart warming aspects of weddings I get to witness as I photograph is children experiencing the joy of entering into a new family. 



Every child given the chance wants the opportunity to dress up and be an adult for a day- or two if it involves makeup and pretty dresses! Remember, just as much as we want to maintain and hold onto our Youth as much as possible, children are eager to grow up and take on adult responsibilities such as being involved in a wedding. Believe me when I say they certainly do step up to their roles with absolute pride!



LA Photography's suggestions with children at weddings:


Please do not interpret this as my offering parent advice.


I am not a parent myself- I do not know your children I therefore have no rights to offer parenting advice. My advice is simply from the perspective as your photographer only. I have photographed several weddings now obviously- and where brides ask the question should they bring their children they are wondering how to manage children on the day. 


On the day, children are usually filled with incredible excitement. If your ceremony is being held on a bright sunny day, please be mindful children's eyes are quite sensitive to the bright sun. You may wish to consider glasses for them on the day. Consider plenty of areas and times during the day where they can rest because for a young child, as excited as they are they can also be filled with overwhelm by being part of an adult event. All we need to do is consider ourselves and how we felt as children at an adult event. 


Finally, keep in mind that towards the end of a long wedding day may not be the best time for family portraits and I would in fact advise against it. LA Photography will never force tired and exhausted children to smile for the camera. How about we do family portraits when they are full of energy instead? 


Your children love you- and often children are more mature than we give them credit for. They have seen you go through the process of finding "the one" and they are so excited your day is finally here for you and they want to help you through it as much as they can. My suggestion is to simply keep in mind their energy levels as the day continues.