Meet Jaime & Jaime: 2 shearers from Broken Hill getting married. 

Meet 2 shearers: Jaime and Jaime. They even have the same middle initial and they are getting married tonight- under the full mood lunar eclipse. 

Every couple with LA Photography received a complimentary pre wedding meeting at the venue to be. In this case, Jaime and Jaime are having theirs at the beach in Miami. They simply wanted a few days out of the shed. 


I see couples asking on Facebook all the time regarding traditions.


At LA Photography I say: your day, your way.



Jaime and Jaime are not having wedding rings or the exchange of rings: they are having tattoos for their wedding rings. 

Couples may choose to purchase personalised canvases or albums for their guests to sign instead of traditional register books from the images from their pre complimentary wedding session.

This session is so important in wedding planning. 

Jaime told me I was good at helping them feel relaxed as they are extremely camera shy. 

The truth is, 95% of my clients are. If they look confident it's because part of my role is to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Most of us are not, and miss out on the chance to be photographed beautifully giving into their fears of being camera shy.

I can't wait to photograph Jaime and Jamie's wedding under the full moon lunar eclipse tonight.