Congratulations Jon & Brooke

Jon & Brooke were married at the stunning location that is the Redland Bay Boat Mariner.


This wedding is an example of some of the advice LA Photography will impart to couples getting married in bright sun.


Firstly, choose the direction you are facing in carefully


If you are facing away from the sun, where LA Photography is required to shoot in the direction of the sun, the following issues may arise: 


~ Silhoettes are more likely to happen.

~ Unwanted dark shadows are more likely to happen. 

~ Blown out skies are more likely to happen. 


If you are facing towards the sun at any time of the ceremony or signing, you may wish to carefully consider the amount of discomfort your eyes may experience. Sun glasses in these instances are highly recommended, especially for younger children. In this way, you will be able to enjoy more of your photos as guests and the wedding party won't be squinting in the portraits.


It is especially difficult for young children to be facing the sun for any long period of time without sun glasses. 


Where you get to enjoy your Creatives time in sunset, this can produce the most stunning portraits- but remember, there maybe many silhoette portraits depending on where you are facing. LA Photography will guide you according to the type of portraits you wish for when having Creatives time during sunset. 


For more images of Jon & Brooke's- see the below video. 


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