Glam The Dress- Lilleth: Dumbo, New York. Under the Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges. 

What is Glam The Dress


Glam The Dress is for women who:


* Were unhappy with their wedding photography. This may not have been the fault of the photographer. Weather, for example may have interferred with pre- planned Creatives.

* For women/ couples who couldn't afford wedding photography.

* For women who simply want to get their dress out of the closet again! I have lost count of the number of women who have told me they want to redo it all over again- and really, why buy it for only one day? Now you can bring it out of the closet!

* For couples who have been lucky enough to have been married for decades and as such, their past prints and albums are starting to fade and they wish to update to modern prints and albums available today.  


What happens in a Glam The Dress session?


Quite frankly- anything you want! If you missed out on Creatives due to weather at your wedding- let's re- create those that you originally planned! 


In these sessions you receive a makeover, hair styling and LA Photography strongly recommends you receive a Glam The Dress at the venue you were married in if local. 


This Glam The Dress session was a bit special and held all the way in New York in July 2014. Lilleth and I met together to show clients what they could achieve in a Glam The Dress session and how imaginative they could be. 


Ladies- let's get the dress OUT of the CLOSET NOW! You know you want to! Check out below for behind the scenes shooting- LIVE from New York.


Before the makeover...

Before the makeover...