Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Travel photography by Laine

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About Laine from LA Photography

Travel has been in my blood since childhood. Growing up I was so lucky to have been able to seen most of Australia including having survived driving through the Simpson Desert twice!

It's my firm belief to start exploring Australia first, and the world next. We have such a beautiful country. There's a reason we receive all the Tourism we do!


My name is Laine Allen.

I am a multi International award winning photographer in the Genres of portrait, landscape and Tourism.

I have received Accolades from the following bodies for my work:

~ A.I.P.P

~ The Portrait Masters

~ International Photography Awards

~ Sandisk Australia

~ Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3).

I was a fully Accredited professional photographer with the A.I.P.P when it was in existed until it was dissolved last year. 

I have spent years developing this work for you to enjoy and now it's finally time to present it to you.

As you look through my work, you will see the imagery of places around the world that I have been to as well as descriptive text about the location. A lot of it will also have important Historical information. 

My images will also be available as works of art. I will soon have images available of the wall art you can purchase if you wish to surround your home with images of the world. 



ICELAND- On a Matt Granger tour who one of the most inspirational photographers to me.

When is a tour best versus travelling alone?

I hands down prefer travelling on my own- without a doubt. However, when I travel I do travel for work and I have extremely unusual hours that I do my work in. Specifically, I'm usually already out working and photographing by 5am even if it's below zero degrees and still dark in Scotland. 

Iceland was always a dream come true and I needed to decide to travel on my own or go on a tour. 

With Iceland, choosing a tour was an easy decision to make because I know how unpredictable the weather can be and I didn't want to find myself in the middle of nowhere with extreme weather conditions.

I had always known of Matt Granger as the "That Nikon Guy" on Youtube and had followed a lot of his tutorials. I knew his tour would definitely be one that was safe to go on being he is well known in the industry. 

That was probably the only time I have ever felt the need to travel within a tour group and I am so glad I did. Even though it was a few years ago I am still in touch with several of those who attended and I even caught up with one in Sydney last year. It was such a great tour and group of people to explore Iceland with and make my dream come true. 

Also, being an Aussie we drive on the left hand side of the road and I didn't feel comfortable trying to navigate myself through Iceland on what would be an icy right hand side of the road.


I wanted to enjoy the experience not add stress to it and the tour was definitely the best decision I made. 


Phuket, Thailand

For those who think travelling takes too much effort/ expense/ time, it really doesn't! I bet if you were to drive just 2 hours from your home you would end up in some beautiful location you may not have previously thought of visiting. 

A while ago I felt like going Outback and got into this very thinking pattern.

I grew up in Melbourne but have been in Queensland since 2000 and there are still many places I am yet to visit. On this particular weekend I decided to do some research into new places I could explore. 

In my research I discovered Canon Lookout which is in Springbrook National Park, just a 45 minute drive and an absolutely stunning view of the entire Gold Coast! It was such a relaxing drive too. Sometimes you don't even have to drive an hour from your place before you find the perfect getaway. 


Journey to the world from the edge of your seat!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is your Captain speaking- welcome aboard!

We are presently flying 39 thousand feet on our flight from your seat to the destination you choose below. 

Please ensure you have your seatbelts fastened as you sit back, relax and enjoy the journey around the world that I am about to take you on. 

However, as you know we are in unprecedented times.


Therefore, this journey will start wheneve Laine Allen uploads all the images and accompanying blogs. 

If we got you excited at the thought of being taken on a guided imagery tour of the world don't worry, we will attend to this as soon as possible. 

Where in the world should we go today?