Take better photos with your iphone whilst travelling:

The number one mistake I have seen people make when they are about to go on a holiday is I usually see a Facebook post along the lines of the following; 

"Hey all! We are going on a holiday!!!! Something we NEED is to get a better camera! Our budget is.... what does everyone recommend?"

Does this sound familiar? 

Firstly, if you haven't learnt to use your current one properly, and if you don't understand that photography has more to do with light (photography is translated as meaning painting of light we just happen to use a camera to do so) than the camera itself, then I would propose it is better to spend your money on upgrading your hotel.

Your camera is not why you are not getting the most out of your photography. It is because you don't understand how to use your camera, the role of light in photography. Using cameras on the auto function just isn't enough. Don't be scared of the camera, learn how to use it. 


This Blog is about taking better photos with your mobile phone and how to when travelling. In another Blog I will actually show in a video what you can do to get better photos. 

Save your funds. Learn to use your mobile phone and current camera or camera stores are simply going to see right through you. They will sell you on the basis of megapixels and wow you that a camera has x number of megapixels and that's all that matters. 

Don't believe me? I once went to a duty free shop in Fiji. I wanted to look for something I needed at the time. I was shocked by price and I told the gentleman what they should be doing. I asked him was he selling many and he said no, they weren't selling ANY. I actually sat down with him and told him what he needed to be doing in order to get sales and he was genuinely shocked. I think until then he thought he wasn't selling any because he was bad at sales.

He was selling a Nikon D7000 at a price that was more expensive than my Canon 5D Mark III!!! Duty free!!!


If you didn't know any better, you would simply assume you got a great deal because it's duty free. 


Duty free should be cheaper. He was trying to wow me with all the megapixels and knew nothing about the camera functions other than that. He was genuinely sorry once he realised what they were doing and he became genuinely interested in learning more about what he should be doing. 


However, they take on the assumption hobbyists don't understand the value of what they are buying and the truth of the matter is, hobbyists don't. (I am referring here to many, not all). 

It's kind of like the person who tries to do home DIY and has no idea what they are doing because we haven't been trained in anything and have to learn from our mistakes and experiences. We think because we can do it ourselves we don't need any kind of training etc to do it- until something becomes hard. 

If you are going to upgrade your camera, you need enough understanding about cameras so that you can't be rolled. It's as simple as that unfortunately. 

In the meantime, here are some devices you can purchase at a very cheap price compared with buying a new camera.


Put that money to a better hotel OR.... even better towards enjoying personalised tours of the Gold Coast:

Devices that will help you take some kick ass photos on your mobile phone:

1/ The Selfie Stick: Yes- it really does make a difference in how much you can include in your image. You will be more likely able to take a Selfie with an awesome view of the Gold Coast in the background moreso than without using one. 

2/ Bluetooth remote for your iphone: Have you ever needed to take a Selfie, but didn't want it to look like you were taking a Selfie? A wireless bluetooth for your iphone will allow you to do this both for Selfie portraits OR video which is pretty cool. You can place your mobile phone where you want, sit back a bit of a distance from your mobile and simply press the button. 

3/ LED light Selfie case: No, you don't have to pay $300 that I have seen people pay for these but they are available at only $19- $35 on Amazon. You may already know that when using the mobile phone flash at night the images turn out worse than without flash. This solves that problem and adds flash light to your images without completely ruining it.

4/ Lightroom: Yup.... you can take your images on your iphone then import them into Lightroom. I suggest Lightroom over Photoshop until you learn how to use Photoshop. Lightroom can mean you're able to achieve some powerful adjustments on the images you take on either your mobile phone, or the current DSLR you have. Pricing starts from as little as $11 per month and pricing can be found by clicking HERE.

5/ A tripod. This will be your saving grace in many situations to avoid blur by keeping the photo still. 

If whilst travelling, you are still not able to improve your images on your mobile phone or DSLR, please get in touch during your visit. We will go to your chosen location and I will help you take some kick ass photos on your mobile phone or current DSLR. 

Many thanks for checking out my Blog and I hope I have given you some good ideas to start with! Laine.