The secret currency of Toddlers: Taking beautiful portraits of Toddlers:

Toddlers love to run. They love to rebel. They love to challenge us. They love to be cheeky and they love to push things to the limit.

How then to catch the attention of a Toddler? It's easier than we think: we find what I refer to as their "currency". 

When you see beautiful images of toddlers online, don't assume that the photographer didn't encounter tears, tantrums or a toddler who couldn't sit still. 

Taking beautiful portraits of toddlers comes down to experience. The great thing is if you are a mum of a toddler, you have plenty of time to gain that experience! The key is not to feel daunted by stunning imagery of toddlers online and feel that you couldn't. 

Therefore the first step is taking beautiful portraits of toddlers is; 

~ Know there will probably be tears (you therefore make sure you have on hand what you know makes them happy). 

~ Know your toddler will probably try and run away (you therefore make sure you have with you what will keep them where you want them. 


No seriously, don't. Here is what will happen if you do. If you bribe a toddler with lollies, and they know they are getting lollies they will find a way where they end up with MORE lollies.

They will know if they do what you don't want, you will beg them to do what you want, and you will resort to giving them.... more lollies as their REWARD for being cheeky. 

Whether you are a photographer or mum, MAKE THE PHOTO SESSION THE BRIBE.

Here is how I do that:

I keep the toddler's attention on the photo session. I have had a LOT of great success with glitter. It seems that toddlers are obsessed with glitter and cannot get enough of it. 

If I were to make lollies their reward as part of a bribe, there is really nothing that keeps them there.

If I however make the bribe about the glitter, they find themselves in a conflict. They really want to rebel against me, but they want more glitter and therefore have no choice but to sit still. 

Now this may not work with all toddlers but the key is find out what they cannot get enough of and what will keep them there instead of thinking about all of the lollies they are going to get if they rebel against you even more.

Remember, it is up to us to work around a toddler. Toddlers aren't usually very attentive for very long and we need to allow for this. Give them some rest time in between and having healthy snacks on hand.

Perhaps your toddlers currency is toys. You could surround your toddler with the toys they love and you have some beautiful and priceless moments as your toddler smiles their big smiles of happiness at the toys they love. 

They are not always going to smile for you directly at the camera, so you need to be prepared to walk or even run around them. Remember you're the adult. Your toddler is a toddler and should be photographed as such.

When they are a bit older then you can expect to achieve some beautiful seated portraits of your child. In the meantime, make it fun for your toddler to be photographed by you or another photographer. 

If you are still finding it difficult to achieve the portraits of your toddler that you would love, come into the

LA Photography studio and let's chat about achieving beautiful portraits of your toddler.

A world of pink and glitter: what more could a toddler want?