The Wardrobe

At LA Photography, I am more than just a photographer photographing you. I am offering you an incredible experience where you are pampered from head to toe to look your best.

I ask the question; "How would you like to be photographed?" and photograph you accordingly.

Elegant sessions are designed for women and the LA Photography brand is of a very feminine nature, designed to tell your story and created to show your inner self to the outer world. 

It's time for you to shine and it's time for you to be seen..... NOW.

With our personal makeup team and me to style you as you would like to be, you can be assured of images to WOW the world!

The feminine nature maybe soft, but it can also be fierce and strong!

I love to bring the two into balance to reveal your grace but also show your strength. 

Having your portrait taken can feel vulnerable, but I am trained to ensure you will feel at ease and you will quickly learn you don't have to be photogenic! There is no such thing as being photogenic it is not a innate trait we were born with.

The following video shows how I use wardrobe to conquer the areas most commonly described by women as being their flaws (such as their arms!) when I photograph them as well as showing the exquisite wardrobe available to wear.