The Screaming Jets

The Screaming Jets are quite simply one of Australia's finest pub rock bands. If we were to look back over Australian music chart history, they are one who have survived throughout the decades of time since the eighties. 


LA Photography had the honour of being official photographer for The Screaming Jets on behalf of Premiere Artists and The Screaming Jets tour Manager, Ian Mclachlan.


The Jets are to release their upcoming album Chrome by the end of the month- so look out for it! To quote Dave Gleeson, "Buy the actual album and hold it in your hands...." 


Dave Gleeson is known as one of Australia's charismatic and charming frontmen. When meeting him with a friend last night we knew they were extremely rushed packing up. I thought I would go straight to asking for the iphone selfie. Dave instead despite being as rushed as they were, took the time to say hello and give me a hug- making all nerves I had about meeting him disappear. 


I feel so lucky to have photographed one of Australia's BETTER bands.