The Roman Baths: Styled bridal shoot with Sophie.

I am here to create a Dream Destination shoot for you. This styled Bridal is the perfect example of what can unfold simply by having a dream.

In this case, The Dreamer was Me.

The Dream was to do a shoot IN The Roman Baths. Not just outside as originally planned, but inside. 

I am a believer that unless you ask, the answer will always be no and that's the belief I applied in this case. I approached a couple of the staff members and introduced myself to them, and the purpose of the shoot. 

We had success- they let us do the shoot inside! Sophie insists I "must have the gift of the gab" because apparently this is a rarity for this type of shoot to be able to occur inside The Roman Baths!

I therefore need to sincerely thank The Roman Baths for permission to do this styled Bridal shoot inside.

The purpose of the shoot for future wedding clients:

LA Photography has one question for you: How do you dream of being photographed on your wedding day? 

The truth is, many couples who come to LA Photography for wedding photography have never needed photography before, and do not know how to answer this question. This is one of the most important questions needed to be answered for your wedding photography.

If you cannot verbalise to me the style or type of wedding images you would love to cherish forever to celebrate your day, it becomes more difficult for me to deliver without relying on guessing imagery you would love.

As a fully accredited professional photographer, my portfolio is established and has been assessed as providing a professional level of quality to clients by the A.I.P.P. LA Photography has been operating since 2008.

These shoots however allow me to add imagery to my existing galleries to provide future clients "Look Books" for wedding imagery ideas.

Future clients can then go through imagery from real weddings and styled bridal shoots and be able to point out to me exactly what it is they want, so I may begin creating it with them. It is what I am here to do for my wedding couples. 

I have a second question for you; "Have you considered Destination Photography for your wedding photography, especially if you are considering eloping?"

Many couples do in fact combine their honeymoon with their wedding, and LA Photography is available to travel to selected destinations in order that you enjoy your dream Destination Wedding Photography.

Now.... let's go into the Baths!;

Sophie before her makeover just in front of The Roman Baths. See additional images of Sophie including live footage of her makeover from the fabulous Lisa Caldognetto who is a makeup artist for MAC at the bottom of this Blog. 

The Roman Baths attracts large crowds of tourists, so any portraits should be done very early to avoid crowd numbers.