Why is the LA Photography wardrobe so important to me: How I managed chronic pain & Endometriosis:

This topic is an emotional one for me. Whilst it maybe perceived as superficial or materialistic, the function of the wardrobe could be nothing but further from the truth. 

Artistically it serves its own purpose. In the case of bridal glamour you cannot show a bridal glamour image without some form of a bridal gown and I cannot dress a child as a Fairy Princess without clothes to realistically bring the vision to life. A Princess should be dressed as one as should a Fairy Godmother.

Then there are aesthetic reasons for establishing the colour schemes as we do in portrait sittings. Creatively I am a photographer who loves colour themes whether it be bright pink, red or other. It stands to reason in this thinking you are not going to put a client in a red dress against a pink background or vice versa. It would simply clash.

I could discuss styling more here but I will in another Blog. Here I am focused on why providing the wardrobe for clients is so important to me and why I do it.

Meet Elle, a client who is a Rheumatologist with Parkinson's. Ironically, she didn't develop Parkinson's until she was well into her Rheumatology career. Can professionals play dress ups also? Oh yes- and they love it! 

Elle is my "why" because as someone who has had to manage chronic pain in the past I could identify with her story and this is exactly why I create the wardrobe that I do.

Elle actually came to me with her shy sister Stephanie. They had both never been photographed before. They didn't know how to present themselves and they didn't know what to wear. These girls were my ideal clients because I loved helping them through the process to find out what was right for them. 

Elle's concern was being able to hide the battery over her heart which was implanted during her Deep Brain Stimulation. She was also concerned about being able to conceal her shaved hair and scars on her head which she did so wearing a wig.

The dresses I had in my collection were in fact quite low cut but that presented an excuse to me to have a couple more dresses that weren't such as the white and gold one. 

With wardrobe we can express aspects of ourselves. In Elle's middle image she was in fact wearing a dress of her own, and also scarves that were given to her by her sisters. They kept her comforted during her time of treatment and we were therefore able to incorporate them into her portrait as shown. 

A woman's portrait is the window to her soul.  
It reveals to you the beauty she may not know existed.
Just as Like Attracts Like,
Light Attracts Light.

Between the ages of 28 and 32 I had the most traumatic decision I needed to make as a result of ongoing and crippling pain caused by Endometriosis. With 5 years of hormone treatment and surgery after surgery I prepared myself emotionally to make the decision of no longer being able to bear a child.

Any woman who has gone through this experience also knows that associated with that decision is the feeling that our femininity is being taken from us along with that.