The Highlands of Scotland Part 2: 

Not only are the Scots some of the most friendliest people you will meet on this Earth, they have tucked away in their corners some of the most beautiful parts of this world that you will ever see. That includes areas such as Glencoe and The Highlands

The Highland's hold a special place in my heart because they were where my family and I had our last holiday in 1999 in Ballachulish. My Father often travelled for work overseas. He was needed to work in Stoke-on-Trent at Christmas time that year, and Linfox were kind enough to bring the family together during the holidays. 

My mum insisted we have a white Christmas. It wasn't really white on the day, but boy it was cold! On the first tour of The Highland's that I did, they explained that they actually train the English and Scottish armies in Ballachulish because it was believed if they could survive the harsh Winter conditions of that area then they could survive anything. Well, we survived Ballachulish in the Winter so I guess that therefore means I can survive anything! If you know me I am not one to enjoy cold weather. 

Christmas Day may have only seen evidence of some snow flakes forming in the sky, and a light layer of white in the mountains afar but Boxing Day certainly made up for it! 

Our private tour as dad drove down the windy roads of The Highland's covered in snow was a sight to be seen. It was one of those experiences you have where you promise yourself you just have to come back. Something about those mountains connected with me. 

I did 3 tours of The Highland's during my stay in Edinburgh. After the first time I simply couldn't get enough and even extended my stay in Edinburgh by 2 days to have more time in The Highland's. 

Even when it maybe warm and sunny in Edinburgh, that doesn't mean it isn't cold in The Highland's, so be prepared and bring some warm clothes. Anything can change in the mountains. 

If you ever had a dream of travelling, make sure The Highland's are on top of the list. This maybe Blog 2 of The Highland's, but I did this Blog first due to how beautiful The Highland's were in amongst the fog.