The Gold Coast sun and iphoneography:

The Gold Coast is Australia's number one holiday destination. 

One of the main reasons is because of our fabulous beaches. 

Those beaches are going to be one of the main breath taking scenes on the Gold Coast you will be racing to photograph.

I would like to introduce to you... the Gold Coast sun. It is harsh, it contrasty amongst all of its beauty. You are going to have to know how to photograph against the sun in order to take the images that you want. 

Do you know how to work with the sun?

Is your first instinct to race out and buy a new DSLR? Keep in mind that if you are only going to be upgrading to the next camera model from what you already own, bear in mind cameras only change slightly from one model to the next. 

It would therefore stand to reason your photography is only going to improve marginally. 

This is why I instead encourage you to spend some time learning about working with light- especially learning about photographing into the direction of the sun. 

If you believe this is something you will need assistance with, I am here to help.


I am a natural light photographer and I can walk you through some tools and let you have some basic knowledge to be able to take better photos when working in the harsh light of the Australian sun. 

The images in this Blog were both taken with Lightroom. The image of the Surfers Paradise sign however was edited in Photoshop to show you can use Adobe products to enhance your images.

I can't wait to take you on an experience showing you what you need in order to conquer the harsh sun on the Gold Coast to improve your photography. 


Book my personalised tour so I can do just that.