The Fairy Princess Garden:

The Fairy Princess Garden was created to honour the memory of my sister. Honestly, it took on a life of its own! It originally starting out with some Fairy lights I put up once I repaired the garden that hadn't been looked after for years by those who previously lived here and that was that.

As I was working on the garden, I remembered with a smile that whilst growing up as a child, my sister firmly believed that Fairy Princesses roamed the gardens and were the most beautiful creatures in nature. 

She made us play "The Fairy Princess" game with her whenever she was able to, where we would dress the Fairy Princesses with beautiful gowns and of course crowns made of daisy chains.

Thus gave birth to the creation of The Fairy Princess Garden.


In these shoots, your daughter (s) become a real life Fairy Princess with Fairy makeup and beautiful gowns! Make sure you scroll down to see live video of the exquisite Princess Gowns your daughter could be wearing.

Enjoy a live shoot below;

The Fairy Princess dresses: