Why Samana has perfected The Cover Girl Pose

The Cover Girl Pose is one of the most famous poses. We've all seen it on the cover of all fashion magazines. However, it is not as easy as it looks- because there are some "rules" to follow for it to execute the perfect Cover Girl Pose. 



Here's why Samana in New York has perfected this pose here:



* One hand above the other: creates asymmetary and a more slimming look.

* Elbows are not facing the camera. For some reason, when many "strike a pose" their tendency is to push certain features towards the camera- usually legs or elbows. Due to the fact a photograph is turning a 3D image into a 2D one, the camera distorts it in a way where it looks bigger. Ladies this is why we pose- because we need to correct for this.


Yes- the camera really does make you look bigger but only if you are not following the right guidelines on how to stand for the camera. In contrast, we can also make you look slimmer by cooperating with these guidelines.


* She has also left enough space between her torso and arms to give her body shape. The more closer your arms are to your torso, the bigger your torso will appear. 


* Finally, she has also kicked her booty to the back- again there are specific guidelines on how far back. Girls- fashion hurts- so you need to kick your booty far enough that you will feel the burn.


Fashion hurts but the imagery ROCKS!