Sue: When abuse leaves us feeling ugly.

Sue's story, who had head shots for her upcoming book to be published about abuse, is the reason I do what I do: To encourage women to believe they are good enough to get in front of the camera.


Sounds fairly easy doesn't it? It is actually a massive challenge especially where women are for whatever reason left to feel like they are not good enough to be in front of the camera. 


When Sue was younger, she had it instilled by her own mother from a very young age that she was ugly. Her mother carried a photo of Sue and her brother, and her brother had a monkey on his shoulder. Her mother took that photo around everywhere, and showed it to everyone including random strangers on the street claiming; "Look- you can't even tell the difference between my daughter and the monkey!"


In other words, Sue was left all her life thinking she was so ugly that her own mother couldn't tell her apart from a monkey. 


Sue was therefore petrified of getting in front of the camera for her headshots for her upcoming book.



Sue's Testimonial of her experience:

"I had to get some head shot photos taken recently for my soon-to-be released book. I contacted a couple of photographers and settled on LA. My book is about recovering from abuse - its part memoir, part self help and has grown out other things I write to encourage and support people here on Facebook on my page Miles away from abuse.


I have spent much of my life hating to be photographed. If I saw a nice photo of me I would be amazed! So for the most part avoided being in a photo. I knew why - I had lots of unpleasant images in my mind, had heard lots of negative comments over the years, struggled with issues about my worth, my body image all made worse of course because of the abuse I grew up with.


Since working through my own recovery issues I have grown hugely in confidence and self esteem but there has remained this one niggling worry - that the person I see myself as, the woman I see in the mirror, the strong, capable survivor - is not who others see. I worry that they see that other woman I see when I am photographed!


I have long hoped that this is a fault of bad photographers......but now I KNOW this is the case!


After my session with LA and seeing the amazing shots Laine captured I feel so incredibly different.


Laine is a great photographer and she really managed to 'get' me - to really capture 'me' in her shots - and not only am I happy that I have these lovely photos, but gone is that niggling fear that people might see me differently to how I see myself in a mirror - now I am quite sure that when there is an occasional bad shot, that's really what it is.


If you are considering getting some photography done but are haunted by experiences like mine or worries like mine, then I would so encourage you to go to see Laine - this photography has become a turning point in my self-perception! And maybe it will be like that for you too!"