The Sound of Music Hellbrunn Gazebo:

By twilight or day, dance or twirl away at the infamous Gazebo from The Sound of Music which is now located at Hellbrunn, Salzburg.


The Gazebo has in fact had a change of location. The Austrian Government kindly restored the Gazebo from youth vandals for Sound of Music fans from around the world to enjoy and re- live movie scenes. 

Take note this is in fact a popular tourist attraction, and therefore at times it will be busy. You maybe competing with other eager tourists and therefore it is recommended being there either early or even later in the day in Summer time where daylight hours continue through to well past 9pm. 

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Another piece of information about the Gazebo is although this Gazebo is what you see when the film includes outside visions of it, the interior scenes of the Gazebo are in fact filmed in Hollywood. Therefore, when you arrive at the Gazebo you maybe a little confused as to why there is a difference in the size you may have imagined it to be. 

Twirl around and enjoy Multiple Exposures which are a popular form of portraiture which looks especially effective in dance portraiture.