Sound of Music Opening Scene- Bavarian Mountains, Germany:

The following scenes didn't just open The Sound of Music, but it opened the heart of many to Austria. These mountain locations however are in fact in the Bavarian Mountains in Germany. As it borders with Austria those new to the movie may initially have the impression the filming is in Austria but they would not be entirely wrong. 


These trails are only accessible by car, and you will need to either go on a private tour or hire your own car. 

You cannot go to where Dame Julie Andrews officially opens the movie because local residents quite rightly and quite fairly have stopped visitors due to invasions of privacy. After all, if you watch Youtube videos of making of The Sound of Music and behind the scenes you will see Dame Julie Andrews together with cast and crew working together with locals who assisted. 

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I for one am a huge Sound of Music and Dame Julie Andrews fan. Therefore to have the opportunity of my own portrait in these landscapes that I have been wishing myself there for well over 20 years was quite an extraordinary experience. 

Where and how do you want to be photographed?