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My name is Laine and I believe in the healing power of portraits- especially during transformative times of our lives such as my preventative double Mastectomy. 

I am most definitely not a model I am simply someone like you who wants to look their best.

For families this could be at essential developmental stages of the lives of your children.

I stepped into this change quite easily my portraits were to celebrate the new me. As a photographer I want to see all women feel represented in day to day Media- black, white, petite, plus size or plus age. 

Our studio is located in Southport on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. 

I have been a professional photographer for 13 years. I am a multi International award winning photographer and also fully Accredited with the Australian Professional Institute of Photography. 

you may contact me below at:


Phone: 0424 956 826

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Martine: "I wanted something to put on the wall to celebrate surviving breast cancer".

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