Shauna: Shauna Rowe, Celebrant for All Occasions.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shauna at Jaime & Jaime's wedding- the images of which can be seen here. Here is how I knew instantly she was going to be a fun Celebrant to work with:


Jaime and Jaime's wedding was one of the most unique weddings I think to have ever occured. They had their wedding at about 10pm at night on a pitch black night at Miami Beach with terrential rain upon us. It was their hope to have their wedding with the Blood Red Super Moon in the background.


Shauna shared in the spirit as I had a feeling we would need additional assistance with light. I purchased a couple of strong out door led lights which Shauna ended up needing to kneel down on the wet sand using the light to help her read. In fact both Jaime and Jaime requested specifically for this image of Shauna to be included in their album. They just loved her ability to put them first- and ignore what was happening weather wise. 


I therefore highly recommend Shauna of Shauna Rowe, Celebrant for All Occasions. Her Facebook maybe found here