How to take better Selfies.

Everyone wants and needs a good photo of themselves. Whether it's for social or professional use. The trouble is this. The average person who doesn't understand the contours of body takes photos incorrectly. Then- the person having that photo taken decides they look terrible in photos. It's not that the person who took the photo didn't understand how to properly, it's because they look terrible in photos. This is because several people have taken a photo of them- and it's always the same. They look terrible in photos.


When you're taking a photo, you're essentially turning a three dimensional subject into a 2 dimensional subject. This is only going to result in distorting figures if you are not aware of how to control those distortions. This is why photographers pose. It is not that we pose for the sake of posing. 


So- you look fantastic in photos. It's just that the average person isn't aware of this until they're taught this. 


The average person wants and needs good photos- but since everyone who doesn't understand how to take a good photo makes us look terrible this makes us turn to the art of Selfies. However, there is a right and a wrong way to take a selfie- because again we're turning a three dimensional subject into a two dimensional subject. 


Here are some tips that will help you start feeling fabulous again.


Before I start please be responsible with your Selfie and do/ don't do the following:


1/ Never ever post a selfie of yourself in the bathroom with the toilet seat up behind you. Please don't ever do that to your audience. Some maybe having their first coffee for the start of a hectic day.


2/ Choose a nice background! A messy bathroom, a messy room or kitchen just isn't a great background. The amount of times I see this with girls who are applying for model positions is terrible. This makes me suspect there are a select group of people who are also using these photos in resumes. 


3/ Please note that pouting creates and enhances wrinkles and lines around your mouth. 


4/ When you take a photo, hold the camera/ iphone very still. "I am..." people will tell me. You're right- you probably are. However, the average person doesn't realise that as they're pressing the button, they move their camera/ iphone down as they're pressing the button. This is habbit unless aware of it. You have to keep that camera/ iphone still as you're pressing the button- and that's how you avoid blur and shakiness in your photo taking.


So here are just a couple of fabulous rules that will help you along!

Leaning in towards the camera makes everything look bigger- including your stomach and chest. 


Anything you point towards the camera will appear bigger.


Taking a step back to the point where it will hurt your backside and hip somewhat is proof we can shed kilos off you without the magic of Photoshop! Leaving a space inbetween your torso and arm also does this- but remember to point your elbow to the back!


Compare the difference to the image on the left. 

Enjoy the Art of Taking Selfies.