Renting the LA Photography wardrobe

Have you ever woken up one day, felt crappy. Then.. once you put on some makeup and a favourite outfit you all of a sudden feel ready to face the world? 

That is how you will enter your portrait session- feeling ready and full of confidence. You may even be a little excited!

I learnt long ago the power of glitter, chiffon, sparkle, satin and tulle. Using the right combination it can take you from feeling crappy to fabulous.

As a child I would hide in my mum's wardrobe for hours at a time.


I would feel glamorous just by being in amongst her clothes that were way too big for me to try on.


It was be a happy place for me- almost a prediction I would be obsessed with clothes! 


Whilst my sister clobbered around in mum's shoes and smearing mum's lippy on, I would simply be in amongst the dresses taken in by all the sparkle.


In turn it has inspired the wardrobe here at LA Photography so I can help you feel transformed within yourself.