Large Folio Collection: 25 prints, Medium Folio Collection: 20 prints and Small Folio Collection: 10 prints. 

As a professional photographer, my role is to provide you with a professional product. 

The Large Folio Box is where clients receive the most value out of LA Photography products.

The laser metallic prints astound clients with their stunning array in their vibrancy of colour. 

Prints should always be handled with gloves as they are an art product and that is why as most clients comment they have never seen anything like it before.

They truly bring an image to life and eyes and smiles widen as clients gloss over their choices.

When clients find it hard to say no to an image they can't part with, the Large Folio Box ensures they get to take it home there and then!

At LA Photography you only have to buy what you like and we are committed to ensuring your images are presented as Artistry. 

I invite you to experience the LA Photography difference by coming into the studio for a complimentary consultation about how we can provide you with the most amazing portraits to cherish and enjoy for decades to come.

Your portraits outlive you. 

Your portraits are your legacy.

The Medum Folio Collection:
The Small Folio Collection: