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The A- La Carte Menu- what is it?


The A- La Carte Menu is where you can choose to purchase individual items. Please take note that Collections have discounts included in them and offer the better value. Therefore, clients usually decide upon Collections. When you are in the LA Photography studio deciding between A- La Carte versus Collections, and if you a mathematically minded, as you add the prices up you will indeed see the products quite significantly discounted. Please keep this in mind whilst making your decision. Please note, this section is being updated currently due to new products and Collections being added. 


The following offers images and live footage should you wish to explore the details of the product further to select which is appropriate for your needs. 


No digital only package is offered. 


Please click the link to see video: "Dear I just want a USB" and you will see why. Yes- you could get the prints done yourself but you could also do photography yourself. However, by coming to me you are making the decision to invest in a professional photographer and by doing so that includes receiving a professional product. 


The following products are available for individual purchase or in Collections. For pricing, please contact Laine directly at laine@laphotographygc.com. Pricing is not available on the website for different reasons, including in some instances pricing is subject to change from suppliers. Existing pricing will only be guarenteed and honoured if you make a booking.  

Individual laser metallic prints or fine art print portraits:

Laser metallic prints in Boutique Boxes-

available in some collections only:

Mattbox Minis- for 5 x 7" prints (10):