Why I have chosen the products I have to offer clients



On this page, you will find video links demonstrating all print products available at LA Photography Pty Ltd. However, upon your initial enquiry you will receive a publication link with all relevant details about the products including pricing. 


LA Photography Pty Ltd has carefully sourced the chosen products to offer clients. I wanted to offer clients high end products which are designed to last, and that is what these products are. Products are purchased from companies who have a genuine love for great photography products, and they dilligently hand craft them and only supply to professional photographers. It is therefore understandable why new clients may wonder; "Well what's so great about them?" as they are separate in excellence from what is available in commercial outlets, with some exceptions. 


As a photographer, I want to know (I NEED to know) the quality you are going to receive in your final product. I can't know that if clients are using different commercial outlets to print images in with many different variables affecting the final quality of the images. The quality of prints in turn reflects my work- and as a photographer a high professional standard is of paramount importance to me. It is sometimes difficult if you haven't done a lot of research into printing why some printers and print suppliers simply excel over others.


As someone providing images valuable to my clients, I wanted to find those suppliers who did excel, to give you, my client exceptional quality and value in return for your investment. The fact of the matter is, if I let you opt for cheap prints- you will need to trust you will come back to me to complain. It is because this has happened when I previously wasn't offering prints that I realised the importance of offering this service to clients. It is not "to make money" but it is because I care about the high standard of your images, and I trust that you do also.


The LA Photography Pty Ltd studio is open to clients between Thursday- Sunday, and clients are more than welcome to come in to view products with no expectation to purchase. As one client told me, "Now that we can see what we are investing in, we are happy to". 


If you are interested in a particular product available through LA Photography Pty Ltd, simply scroll down the following list and you will find a video demonstrating how the product looks in person (where available) and a brief description of that product. This is quite a lot of information here- so grab a coffee whilst you go through.  


Thank you for choosing LA Photography Pty Ltd- please contact me if you have any enquiries on laine@laphotographygc.com or

0424 956 826. Warmest regards, Laine Allen.    

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The Folio Box- Large (11 x 14"):

Opening of Elle's folio box- a client with Parkinson's:


Folio boxes are available in 3 sizes. Your photographer will assist you in choosing the right size for you:



Small: The 8 x 10" folio box holds 6 7.5 x 5" prints of your favourite images each individually mounted in their own 7.5 x 5" frame.


Medium: The 8 x 10" folio box holds 12 7.5 x 5" prints of your favourite images each individually mounted in their own 7.5 x 5" frame.


Large: 11 x 14": The 11 x 14" folio box holds 20 8 x 10" prints of your favourite images each individually mounted in their own 8 x 10" frame. 




* Meticulously hand crafted

* Clam shell presentation

* Most popular client choice for portrait presentation.


Icemounts (Acrylic prints):

Icemounts (also known as Acrylics) would have to be the number product on my clients wish list, and who could blame them with their exquisite finishing touch! When I go to expos, the first thing passers by do is rush up to my Icemount displays and run their fingers around them.


By the end of the weekend, you wouldn't know that approximentally 100 people have fun their fingers down them to enjoy the smooth feel- because within seconds, any finger print marks disappear! If you want true lasting protecting for your images with a modern look and feel, Icemounts are the product for you. If you are in apartment living, you may like to view below an additional option of the Free Standing Acrylics. 


First, your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper. Then it’s mounted, using non-yellowing pH-neutral adhesive. After that, your artwork is placed behind clear acrylic (available in a range of thicknesses).


You have the choice of two different types of ICEmounts:


Icemount Sheer (Featured photo left in above video): is a stunning acrylic sandwich mount (3mm and 4.5mm). With no visible hanging attachments, your ICEmount sheer will float off the wall!


IceMount Classic (Featured photo right in above video): It’s finished with metal corner mounts for a modern look that enhances everything. Brushed aluminium caps in each corner, at no extra charge. All Icemounts are available in custom sizes – allowing you to choose the perfect proportions for your digital images.


Approximate pricing is available upon request, but Icemounts are generally done by quote due to differences in order, suppliers pricing and discounts are given with mutiple orders.





Mattbox Minis- for the 7 x 5"s:

The Matbox Minis are a beautiful modern presentation box for your 7 x 5" images. 


Available colours: Black, orange, black pearl, iguana pearl (featured in video). 

You receive 3 boxes in your order, which means if for example, you are a wedding client, you may purchase 3 with your wedding images, or give 2 to your loved ones. 


Each Matbox Mini holds 10 images which are attached with adhesives to inserts. It means they are great either remaining in the box, or they can be individually framed around the home. 


The Matbox Mini box has a leather like appearance. 

Free standing acrylic tiles:

Free standing acrylic tiles include your choice of 3 photos set in a stylish, modern acrylic tile. The depth of the acrylic tile gives the image a luminescent, floating, three dimensional effect, and the tiles are freestanding, so no hanging is required (ideal for rental properties). 


In your free standing acrylic tile product, you receive:


1 small ( 10 x 15cm) tile

1 medium ( 20 x 30cm) tile

1 large (30 x 30cm) tile. 

New- fine art prints

Fine art prints from LA Photography Pty Ltd are now available. Fine art portraits are exactly that- and as they have been printed on art paper, they need to be treated exactly as you would treat an art print.


They need to be treated delicately. They maybe also included in your folio box.


Available in sets of a minimum of 4 of the same size. 

The 12 x 16" 30 page Crystal Coated album

Please note: Although the price list quotes for a 30 page 12 x 16" Crystal Coated album, for introduction purposes the following album is a 40 page album. Up to 50 pages maybe included in your album- pages over 30 are charged additionally and by quote only according to the number of pages you wish to add