The process of portraiture at LA Photography

Step 1: Looking fabulous with a professional makeover

No matter your age, height, colour of your skin or weight- we will have you smiling at yourself before your session begins! 

Don't believe me? Step one of the process of portraits with LA Photography begins with a professional makeover.

By the end of this page you will see just how easy having portraits taken at LA Photography is and the process involved. 

My clients are every day women of all ages shapes and sizes who say yes to one question; "Do you trust me to help you look your best?"

Watch the following video showing some of the stunning transformations that have taken place.

Step 1: Styling & Portrait session

The wardrobe at LA Photography is designed to help women of all ages look their best. 

It is tailored to not conceal but to complement those "things" women want to hide- which is namely weight in my experience.

I have learnt when we look our best through a professional makeover and the right styling we feel our best.


This shines through our portraits and creates the "wow" reaction in clients. It's as simple as that and this is the underlying concept of my work.

Quite often, when we don't feel good about our body the natural response is to hide ourselves.


This maybe through wearing baggy clothing or anything that we feel that could hide our so called "flaws" that only we have identified.

I believe this is where the magic at the studio happens: we re- connect women to those parts of themselves they've assigned to the dark. 


Insight into a Portrait session

Step 3: Preview & Ordering session

At LA Photography we only want you to have the images you love.

For those who wish to purchase larger orders payment plans are available. 

It can sometimes be overwhelming for clients when they come in and see themselves on the big screen.

My advice is to allow yourself up to 2 hours. Some clients choose their images within 10 minutes and I've had others stare at their images and prints for longer whilst they make this decision. 

The following video showing a few clients at their sessions will assure you just how relaxed this appointment will be. 


Every part of this experience is designed for your enjoyment. It's all about you.

How do you wish to be photographed?