New- elimination of session fees for beauty portraits! 


There is a change here at LA Photography.


For the most part, I have decided to eliminate session fees!


Why? I would much rather make it easier for you to invest in wall art.


I am here to provide you with a product that will last for generations.


I will be honest upfront and prepare you that it's not a small purchase. I therefore intend to make it easier for you to invest in the new wall art products.

I am so convinced that you will love them so much I am temporarily waiving part of my income!


As well as eliminating most session fees, I also offer clients the following choice:


Prints still maybe purchased if that's your preference OR;

You can instead receive a gift voucher to the value of $310 (the cost of a print) towards your wall art.  

*** Please note, this is a single gift voucher and not $310 per wall art.

Imagery is then selected following your session where you decide what you would love to take home and you determine your spending limit. See the process for all portraits HERE.


Pay only for your professional makeovers upfront

In place of session fees, all you are required to pay before your session is the cost of our professional Makeup Artist. This is a requirement for portraits with LA Photography.


The purpose of a Make Artist is to reduce the amount of "air brushing" or Photoshopping I am required to do.

Makeovers are for clients from 6 months old for both boys and girls, men and women.

Why males 16 years and over receive a Makeover


Before his makeover a male client insisted; "As long as it gets taken off after. I don't want to be out with anyone thinking I look like a girl having makeup on!" 

Men hear "makeover" and understandably they are concerned about receiving a full glam makeover!

The difference in price for children and males should assure you it is most definitely not a full glam makeover.

Just like in the TV and film industry, the focus is on correcting blemishes, balancing out your complexion and making sure there are no stray hairs. 

Did I mention I didn't want to be charging you for spending hours in Photoshop correcting stray hairs? 

Following their family session as the man was about to get in the car I realised we forgot to take his makeup off. When I mentioned it his response was; "It's all good- you can barely notice it anyway as it's just foundation and my hair looks amazing!" 

Can we choose not to have makeup?

Choosing no Makeup Artist would instead require extensive retouching fees from up to $75 per image on top of the image price.


Why not choose to be completely pampered instead?!

These portraits are designed to remain in your family for generations to come. As such, they are not designed to be done casually. 


When I was a new photographer that's exactly how I did my sessions. I can tell you now all clients have much more fun receiving the full service. 


How would you like your Great Great Grandchild to remember you?  

Fees for the Makeup Artist must be full paid for in order for your booking to be confirmed. 

For ages 16 and above the fee is $165 per person of this age group.

For 16 and under the fee is $75 per person of this age group.


Full payment ahead of the session is required for the session to be confirmed. 

** Please also be advised fees may change with different Makeup Artist's and this cost is entirely determined by the Makeup Artist, not myself. 

At this stage I am not receiving any payment from you. 

Before & After with Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Sasha Adams & Model Kalin in Manhattan, New York;