It's all about how You want to be photographed on one of the most important days of your life

LA Photography apologises if some of the following suggestions appear personal. However, getting the most out of professional photography begins with your partnership with me, and the following suggestions are based on some past experiences.


Not following the suggestions may for example result in the need for more time spent in editing, and therefore a delay in having your images returned to you. This blog will also teach you how to avoid the need for extensive editing costs. 


Professional editing defined: Your agreement advises you that your images will be professionally edited which means all perceived editing needs will be undertaken. You can be assured I want my editing to be looking pretty good also!  Extensive editing costs may for example include additional requests by you for teeth whitening, extensive slimming looks, eliminating glare from glasses and so on. In other words- editing not normally needed to be undertaken.


Don't worry~ for the most part to assure you, you won't even need to worry about extensive editing. Of course, you will certainly be advised if a request falls under extensive editing. It will not be a charge simply lumped on you! It will totally be your choice if you would like to have the specific editing request undertaken, or if you decide you are happy with how things are. 


What we do now and on the day will mean there should be no need for extensive editing if you do follow my recommendations. For example, where glass glare occurs we simply opt for a position to stand in where it won't occur. 


Some past clients have come to me with a belief that Photoshop corrects all, and whilst it does an incredible job of many tasks, it puts a delay on having your images back to you in a timely manner. 


Most of all, you have come to me because you want to look your best in your wedding imagery. Professional photography can have different needs to general day to day. 




Consider using the services of a professional makeup aritst who has experience with working with photographers as makeup for photography has different needs from day to day makeup wear. Apart from that- it's your special day so why not spoil yourself?


LA Photography's makeup artist's also do bridal makeup. My makeup artist's offer extremely competitive pricing.


Ask for makeup which is neutral in tone, preferably an anti shine (ask if they can do a matt finish), and doesn't produce a strong yellow or orange appearance since different makeup brands have different colour bases. 


Please ensure you minimise facial and underarm hair if you do not wish for it to be shown in photographs because unwanted hair may appear quite visible in close up portraits especially if dark. Facial hair can sometimes lead to "caking" with makeup and this is something Photoshop or makeup cannot do much to correct


Consider wearing strapless bras so unwanted straps do not appear in your photographs as removing bra straps from your images is an example of an extensive editing fee.  


If you choose to have a fake tan, ensure it is done a few days ahead of your big day incase of unwanted colour or marks. As an example, ask the clinician applying your tan to pay extra attention to around joints and fingers, which may cause difference in colour or crustiness and it shows up in portraits. 


*** Often clients believe I am pedantic. I am- and do not apologise for caring about your imagery and helping you to feel good and relaxed in front of the camera. It's why I'm here. It is however when clients view their final images they have their "A- ha" moments, and their prior doubt becomes gratefulness that I am as pedantic as I am. I can't apologise for wanting to pass on everything I know in order to make your portraits as beautiful as possible. I am here with my vast experience to let you know how we can work together to produce stunning imagery. It's my only goal to achieve. I have tunnel vision where all I can see is this. It may now become obvious as to why the more you tell me, the more I can produce what you want. It's not what I want- but when you tell me what you want I can show you how to do it



Dark hair can

easily be seen in

upclose portraits. 

For some of us,

this cannot be helped. This suggestion is for

those who do not want it to be seen.

Bra straps are very visible. 

If a strapless bra is not an option, 

consider jewellery bra straps 

which are just beautiful. 

Underarm hair is extremely visible against pale skin and is very obvious. Where ladies have shaved on the day of the session, the dark area is also obvious. 

Consider therefore for your wedding photography to instead have your under arms waxed which leaves a cleaner appearance. 

Care with 

fake tan


needs to 

be taken



Extensive editing fees:


As these issues can be avoided with the suggestions made, extensive editing fees are applied to correct. 


The editing fees vary with the request made and start from $75 per image





For those planning to for their wedding day, please ensure you shave approximately two days before incase of shaving cuts. This happens often- it's a day that incites nerves. Shaving cuts, faint blood lines show up easily in close up portraits. This is not an extensive editing fee, but it certainly puts a delay on returning images to you.


If you plan to shave your hair before the day, for the same reason please ensure to do so at least a couple of days beforehand for similar reasons. 






HAIR: If you have coloured hair, you may wish to have the roots done before your wedding day. 


NAILS: Nails should in fact be considered the highlight of grooming! On your wedding day, especially with images of exchanging rings- these will be featured often. Please ensure they are in the best possible condition to avoid disappointment. 


In fact hands and nails are SO important on the day that I have devoted an entire blog to this topic. I suggest a read and it is not very long. The blog maybe found here


Ladies- please ensure your nail polish is not chipped or completely off. 

Gents- please ensure your nails are clipped. 



These suggestions have been put together because I aim for you to look your best on one of the most important days of your life.


As a wedding photographer with years of experience with my couples going through this process I understand right now you will be perhaps wondering "why is this all even necessary- can't we just get there and do the photos already?" I really do. However, I would rather that than when the process being finished that you would then be accusing me of not preparing you with absolutely every single detail possible. If I did not prepare you in this way, I would be negligent in my work. Please be assured you have hired a photographer that cares about all the finer details to ensure a beautiful album. 


I can tell you, and forward the information to you- but of course it is your choice to follow through. It's great for me to have a blog such as the one about hands and nails because you can see upfront why what I mention is important. Imagine if I didn't tell you- and if you came to me asking; "If you told us that our hands would be in so many photos, we would have done something about it. Now our hands look terrible in the photos!" I would rather therefore being told I am pedantic. I can wear that- because I know I am then doing my job. 


By being informed of the above, it is of course your responsibility now to choose to follow the advice or not knowing ahead of time what the results will be if you decide it is something not important to you. (For example, by deciding nails are not important to you, it may mean images of chipped nails in your final album)


Please do not read this Blog as if I am telling you what to do. Please know it is simply helpful advice for those couples where these aspects are important to them. Not everyone is the same. However, please remember by not following the advice and then deciding later you wished you did I cannot take responsibility for that


I work with many different couples- all of whom have different priorities and I need to consider all personality types when writing a Blog such as this. 


They have also been put together especially for the bride and groom who prefer less of a Photoshopped look and following these suggestions will achieve that. 


Photoshop is an amazing tool, but it does have its limits especially with the example of harsh effects that can be produced by a tan which has been applied incorrectly, or has become crusted around joints. In these instances, black and white images maybe what is used or their maybe images lost if the effects are too much leaving you with less images. 



Black and white images are beautiful, however if you are a bride who prefers colour, these suggestions will allow you to have more colour images


If you have any questions or wish for further suggestions, ask me to phone you and I will more than happily go through different ideas with you. Even better still, ask me for a coffee and I will take you both out for a coffee (at my cost!) so we may ensure you have the most out of your photography. We could also do a Skype video conference and have a face to face talk about all of this.


Yes, I am pedantic, however I would also like my clients to know I am here to ensure we can achieve everything you want to. I am therefore extremely approachable and here to help in any way that I can. 



I can't wait to see you at the alter! Warmest regards, Laine Allen.