It's all about: How do you want to be photographed?

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LA Photography apologises if some of the following suggestions appear personal. However, getting the most out of professional photography begins with your cooperation, and the following suggestions are based on some past experiences.


Not following the suggestions may result in the need for more time spent in editing, and therefore a delay in having your images returned to you. Most of all, it may result in extensive editing fees which are charged for things needing additional editing which could have been avoided with prior preparation.


If you prefer less of a Photoshopped look, the following will assist. By working towards the following which can be avoided it will also mean there will be a reduced likelihood of charges associated with extensive editing.


Some past clients have come to me with a belief that Photoshop corrects all, and whilst it does an incredible job of many tasks, it puts a delay on having your images back to you in a timely manner. 


Most of all, you have come to me because you want to look your best and there are things we can both do in order to achieve this. 


Again, I would like to apologise if the following touches on personal issues, but you will be able to see from the photos how these aspects are clear in photos. 



Consider using the services of our professional makeup aritsts. Apart from that- when was the last time you had a professional team behind you ensuring you look your best, and totally pamper you? 


If doing your own makeup ensure is neutral in tone, and doesn't produce a strong yellow or orange appearance since different makeup brands have different colour bases. A brand I personally use and wear is Revlon- Photoready Airbrush. It's all about creating a natural and uniform look. 


Please ensure you minimise facial and underarm hair if you do not wish for it to be shown in photographs. Facial hair can sometimes lead to "caking" with makeup. I know ladies- this is something we all need to embrace as we move throughout life. It's just. not. fair. 


Create Pinterest boards of images you would love to include in your portraits.


Consider wearing strapless bras so unwanted straps do not appear in your photograps. 


If you choose to have a fake tan, ensure it is done a few days ahead of your shoot incase of unwanted colour or marks. As an example, ask the clinician applying your tan to pay extra attention to around joints and fingers, which may cause difference in colour or crustiness and it shows up in portraits.


Underarm hair is extremely visible against

pale skin and is very obvious. Where ladies have shaved on the day of the session, the dark are is also obvious. 


Consider therefore for your photography to instead have your under arms waxed which leaves a cleaner appearance. 

Bra straps are very visible. 

If a strapless bra is not an option, 

Consider jewellery bra straps 

which are just beautiful or clear straps.

Dark hair can

easily be seen in

upclose portraits. 

For some of us,

this cannot be helped. This suggestion is for

those who do not want it to be seen.

Care with fake tan especially needs to be taken around joints.



Please ensure you shave approximately two days before your shoot instead of on the day incase of shaving cuts.


Please ensure if you have having "number one" or "number two" hair cuts for it to be done a couple of days in advance instead of on the day incase of shaving done closely to the skin.





If you have coloured hair, you may wish to have the roots done before your photo session. 


Many choose to use the occasion as a well deserved special lunch out before. If this is you, please ensure you bring a toothbrush because food stuffs can show up quite easily. 



"It can be Photoshopped".


This is not the approach of LA Photography. LA Photography aims to have everything right at the time of the shoot so minimal editing is done to ensure the timely availability of your images to you. Extensive editing for reasons which could have been avoided by taking care do incure fees. Please feel welcome to check out the Frequently Asked Questions regarding additional and extensive Photoshopping. Your images will be edited to a professional standard, and that does include basic airbrushing and slimming is not an additional fee. Teeth whitening is included in extensive editing fees as will be done by my retouching team. 




Any other questions?


These suggestions have been put together because my concern is for you to look your best in your portraits. They have also been put together especially for the girl or guy who prefer less of a Photoshopped look and following these suggestions will achieve that.


Photoshop is an amazing tool, but it does have its limits especially with the example of harsh effects that can be produced by a tan which has been applied incorrectly. In these instances, black and white images maybe what is used. Black and white images are beautiful, however if you are a bride who prefers colour, these suggestions will allow you to have more colour images. 



If you have any questions or wish for further suggestions, ask me to phone you and I will more than happily go through different ideas with you- and even better still, ask me for a coffee and I will take you both out for a coffee so we may ensure you have the most out of your photography. 


These suggestions may even appear pedantic, however the above images were taken by my own camera and shows how clearly these aspects do show up in camera- and it all comes down to the question, "How do you wish to be photographed?"



Warmest regards, 



Laine Allen.