Payment Plans


* Your session fee (or Makeover) must be paid in full in order to begin your portrait session.

* Products will only be delivered when payments have been made in full.

* Please give plenty of notice if you need to delay a payment to avoid late fees ($15).

* Please give plenty of notice if you need to cancel a payment plan to avoid being obligated to fulfil payment (in the event the product has been ordered through my supplier and if I cannot cancel the order). 


* The payment plans cannot continue until existing late fees are paid which are NON refundable. This means you do not accrue late fees the payment plan simply pauses. 

** If you need to cancel the payment plan refund policies still apply. You can view refund policies HERE.

Entering a payment plan begins with an initial payment of $75. 

** It is strongly recommended all parties involved in financial decisions participate in this process. 

You can determine the period in which the payments are due (weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly). You can also add to it early at any time bringing the balance forward. 

** There are no exit fees, only refund policies apply. 

You are able to make your $75 deposit here:

Gold Coast wedding photography www.lapho

My name is Laine Allen and I am here to represent every day people just like you and me to help us look and feel our best. 

You can contact me regarding payment plans (or other enquiries) at:


Phone: 0424 956 826.