$1,000 Gift Certificate for Newborn Portraits with LA Photography

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Please read all information on this page carefully to avoid disappointment.


Currently, I am taking expressions of interest for the $1,000 gift certificates as the LA Photography studio is re- opening very, very soon!

How is a Newborn defined?:

A "Newborn" is not simply defined as a "baby".

A "Newborn" in photography is defined and limited to those babies who are 10 days or younger.


Premi's are an exception who can be photographed safely as a Newborn up to the age of 3 weeks. 

I refrain and decline from photographing babies over 10 days in "classic Newborn" poses to maintain safety for your child. 


These classic Newborn poses can be achieved for babies under 10 days old or Premi's because their physiology is much softer and therefore more easily able to be moved. They are also more likely to be sleeping as we adjust their positions. 


Certain poses are likely to not only be extremely uncomfortable but unsafe for babies over 10 days due to their developmental changes.


There are still poses we can do, but not "classic Newborn portraits" that you may see all over Social Media such as how the babies are posed on this page. 


If you are in your last Trimester and expecting your baby soon and would like to register for these $1,000 gift certificates, please email me at laine@laphotographygc.com.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. The information provided on this page however is fairly comprehensive and should answer your questions. 

About Laine of LA Photography:

My name is Laine, and I am a multi International award winning photographer who is fully Accredited photographer with the Australian Institute of Photography.

If I am going to be fully transparent, I had not intended for Newborn to be offered at LA Photography as my focus was family clients. However, my clients were getting younger and younger and it seemed I needed to be trained in this area. 

I have been a professional photographer of 13 years and I then undertook Newborn posing training by a globally renown Newborn photographer.

I am not only not a mum I am unable to be a mum. I told myself a lie that mum's would therefore not feel comfortable with me.

I may not be a mum, but I was the one family friends would entrust their children with of all ages if they needed a baby sitter when going out for as long as I can remember. 

When I was working with a couple in Lithuania, the Husband asked me why I was doing Newborn portraits. 

I started to reply as I was unable to be a mum and he finished the sentence before I could saying; "So you're offering familie's what you can't have as you understand how important it is".

I have one goal: to provide you with beautiful family portraits that you will be able to share amongst your family for Generations to come.

The quality of products I provide will allow you to do just this if properly cared for, and should be considered as Heirlooms.

The time frame of a Newborn is very short, so it's important you celebrate this time as you cannot get it back. Children grow up too quickly, don't they?


In these sessions you will receive:

First we will have a short online video Consultation on Skype (which is free to download).

The Consultation allows you to "meet" me face to face online before the session and ask any questions. 


In the Consultation I will show you images of the poses I will be planning to achieve.

Your session will be up to but not necessarily 3 hours long. 

*** The focus will not be on achieving as many images as possible so please do not be expecting anymore than a few from the session. 

The focus is instead on quality which is why up to 3 hours will be allowed.

* You will receive 2 5 x 7" prints in an 8 x 10" mat (a value of $310 each.

* You will receive 2 digital files of the same images sized to 5 x 7" where you are permitted to re- print as many times as you like and;

* You will receive 2 digital images of the same images sized for social media

* You will receive a Facebook banner with the 2 images which you may use for social media. 

* Both the digital images and Facebook banner will have my watermark on them which must be displayed. 

At the end of the session we have another online face to face Consultation where you will be able to select the images you wish.  

Example of the social media banner:


How to prepare for these sessions

(You can read this information closer to the session).


There are a few things I find parents worry about which I would like to immediately ease your minds about.

All babies cry.

All new babies excrete and need to be fed regularly.  

These are the reasons we allow for and why we dedicate 3 hours to the session so your baby has the comfort and peace to simply be themselves.

Mum's, if required you will also have space to breast feed and feel relaxed whilst doing so. 

In these sessions I love involving parents when posing their Newborn. I find parents enjoy it and it means your Newborn is in close proximity to you.

These sessions are available for a starting time between 10am and 2pm and best done close to your Newborn's napping time. 


How to book or make enquiries

For enquiries relating to these sessions or to book your Consultation please either:

Email Laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com or;

Phone: 0424 956 826.

Bookings will not be considered confirmed until payment has been made.