High School Senior Photography: Jercarr- Brooklyn New York. 

Jercarr is one of the most soulful people to photograph that I know. His commitment to producing great portraits was evident. I learnt so much when working with Jercarr. 


The first thing I learnt was that he was surprised at my friendliness. I was happy to have made a friend almost on the other side of the world. He was the first I worked with in New York so I had to give him a hug. 


Straight away we launched into a discussion about black and white people. Jercarr revealed to me that he still receives harrassment because of being black. He likes white people- but now has a reserved trust including as we were preparing working with each other. Once you get to know him though it's like you've been friends for years.


Jercarr asked me what impression Australian's have of black people. I was very honest and told him that we don't really see what goes on, so we basically have the image of the black rapper or the Eddie Murphy type of black person. He seemed to like the Eddie Murphy comment. 


Jercarr was the first American I worked with and I discovered some things as a photographer. Photographing black skin and ediitng black skin is fairly different to white skin. In camera, black skin can sometimes absorb as orange or red so I had to be mindful when editing and photographing. 


At LA Photography, this is extremely important for me since I work with all cultures and I need to continue to photograph different skin tones properly. What I also loved about those I worked with in New York including Jercarr was how honest I could be with them about this.   


My success as a photographer in part depends on my ability to communicate with clients about aspects they may feel vulnerable about when producing the final portrait. This could include issues such as their weight and by us being open and honest we can achieve the desired final result.