Model calls, & Giving back


Hi there, my name is Laine Allen. I am a professional photographer of 13 years. As well as being a fully Accredited photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, I am a multi International award winning photographer. 

Despite my expansive experience both here and overseas, there are still groups of people I haven't yet had the opportunity to work with whom I wish to include in my portfolio. When we feel seen we feel heard and we are more likely to feel that photographer is the right one for us. 


If you are of the following descriptions, I would love to hear from you;

~ Aboriginal descent:

There is no more important part of Australian History than that of our First People's.


I was so moved by an Aboriginal family portrait I saw I was almost in tears. It reminded me of something I felt that was severely lacking from every day imagery that we see: portraits of Our First People.


~ Serviceman or woman:

As the Granddaughter of a Soldier I would love to contribute to the movement of portraits for our Veteren's and Anzac's. 

~ Stillbirth photography: 

As a photographer who has endured the worst moments of my life through losing my entire immediate family, I have a lot to offer a newly grieving family. 

I also had to adjust to knowing I couldn't have children of my own.

For me the portraits I had of my family helped me through the grieving process. It is my hope having portraits of your stillborn baby will do the same. 

These sessions are only available to those who fall in these categories. 

I will be able to offer one or two a month.

These sessions will be available from 21st July. 

Inclusions & Terms & Conditions below.



For these sessions, although not compulsory it is highly recommended that you choose the services of my Professional Makeup Artist. 

If these are the only portraits you will have for some time, you want to look your best. 

This includes for men and children. For both men and children the emphasis is on a little coverage and professional hair styling where there won't be any stray hairs (just like all the movie stars do!)

Priority will be given to those who choose to use this service. Please note the payment will be to my makeup artist- I will not be receiving this money.

Men- you will barely even notice this. One man initially insisted we removed all the makeup before he left so no one outside would see him and think of him as a "girl". 

As he was about to leave I realised we forgot to remove it and his reply was; "It's all good- you can barely notice it anyway!" 


Your thank you gift for participating:

~ Your portrait session (a value of $350).

~ 2 complimentary 8 x 10" prints in an 11 x 14" mat with the digital file for both social media & re- printing.

~ A gift voucher of $310 to be used towards wall portraits OR you may instead choose an additional print. This is also offered in my normal sessions.

Following the session you get to choose the prints you want I do not choose these for you. 

There is absolutely no obligation to buy because you have assisted by being part of these movements I am establishing. 

What is more important to me is filling a void where I feel there is a need for portraits.

The theme is remembrance. 


Terms & Conditions

1/ You must agree to allow me to use images from the session in all capacities (social media/ print):

In order to partake in these sessions, you must agree to the following. A model release contract will be signed so please consider carefully if these sessions are right for you. 

You can be assured that as these images are to promote my work they will be of professional standard and with input from you. 

Before the session, we will have a complimentary Consultation. This is best done in studio however it can be done via Skype video calling which is free to download. In this session you will be prepared for how I will photograph you and styling for the session too. 

At the end of the complimentary Consultation, if you decide you would like to participate you will sign the agreement.


By attending the Consultation there is no obligation to proceed. It means as well as preparing for the session you get to meet me ahead of time and determine if we will work well together. 

You are however entitled to choose the images I use and that you take home. 

2/ If a child (under the age of 18 years) is participating in these sessions I must have their parental or Guardian consent. 

3/ The images you receive will have tasteful watermarking on them which must be displayed when using. 


Contact me for more information

If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact me at:


Phone: 0424 956 826.

When you do please tell me a little about why you believe you are suitable for this project of mine.


Please understand, when I offer something like this many people often hope it is simply a chance for a "free photo shoot". 


*** Please note, I have strict parameters I am working with and priority will be given to those who choose to receive a makeover.