One of the most common regrets from couples following their wedding. 

A recent survey online was undertaken to find out what the top 10 regrets of past brides were with regards to their wedding. Of the top 10, although I can't remember where this fell on the scale but one of them was not taking a look at their photographers portfolio. This is about wedding couples in general and not those who have commissioned LA Photography. 


Here is why they don't- and the difference in LA Photography is we actively seek to help couples overcome this process.


They don't look at their photographers' portfolio, because depending on their knowledge of photography;


~ They assume photography is standardised. Meaning, they assume that each photographer does exactly what another does. "I thought they were all just the same". 

~ It's just photography right- I mean everybody's a photographer?

~ They don't know what to look for. 

~ They don't know what they want.

~ They don't know what to ask for. Do you know what a textured style of photography is? Rustic? Vintage? And so on. 

~ They're too embarrassed to admit the above so they just pick "whatever". 

~ They're too busy to take the time to look at everything. 


How does LA Photography assist you in this process?


Let's assume you're too busy to go through all my galleries of work- let alone all of the other photographers' galleries of work you need to consider.


Most of all, let's assume you just have no idea of what to look for. Totally cool. Here's how I approach this head on for you in 3 different ways:


1/ Let's go out where I take you out for coffee and NO obligation to book me where you get to view my galleries of work, get to ask me any questions there and then. I do not interpret this meeting that I am your chosen photographer. 


2/ I actively encourage to ask my couples to let me know what they love. This is because we haven't met yet. I don't know what you love and won't pretend to. So, I ask you to do a bit of research and go through either my website/ Pinterest/ other websites via Google and find me some images you would absolutely love to have included in your wedding imagery. That means if you find something I don't have in my work, I will be able to let you know if I do that style you want and we will know if I am the right photographer for you. 


3/ At your complimentary pre wedding meeting at the venue to be, this includes a complimentary on location photo shoot. I can even organise one of my makeup artists for you. Wedding days are quite often the first time a couple books professional wedding photography- and have never had a professional photo shoot before. I don't want one of the most important days of your life to be the first time you try this. I want you to be well prepared before hand. 


In your complimentary pre wedding meeting we walk around the venue and predesign your wedding imagery.


Please note... this is separate to the above meeting and is only for couples who have paid for their folio collections. 


With LA Photography, you will be well prepared for everything about wedding photography by your day. Between when you book me and the day, I send you helpful links to let you be well informed and prepared for your professional photography. Makeup in professional photography has different needs than makeup for general day to day wear. I do not send this information all at once so you are not completely overwhelmed and so that you are easily guided into it.


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