1/ Why I believe Maternity sessions are important for both mum & bubs.

2/ Maternity is the beginning of your family & Ancestry.

3/ Register your interest for the $1,000 Maternity Gift Certificates.

4/ Why I am offering the $1,000 Maternity Gift Certificates.

5/ What is included in your $1,000 Gift Certificate.

6/ Eligibility & Requirements to receive the $1,000 Maternity Gift Certificates.

1/ Why I believe Maternity sessions are important for both mum & bubs:

Hi there! My name is Laine Allen. I am a Fully Accredited professional photographer and a multi International award winning photographer of 12 years.

I am so excited to be re- opening my portrait studio after spending the last few years undertaking my travel work. Let me explain why I am offering these $1,000 gift vouchers.

For now, I am taking registrations of interest only and they will be available SOON!

I believe pregnancy is the most feminine time in a woman's life and therefore I endeavour to photograph it as such. 

It is my belief these sessions are not only an important time to connect with your developing baby, but also to realise self love during a time your body is undergoing much change. 

Sometimes you will feel emotional for "no reason" at all, cankles may develop and whilst others insist you have a special glow about you deep down you may feel like you are just "big".

I've seen many women describe it especially the disconnect they feel within themselves. 

Hormones can really play with us physically and emotionally I tell you! 

I'm therefore here to not only help you establish that bond with your baby, but help you feel confident once again. 

I confess I've never been pregnant, and it's something I'll never be able to experience but I do love being part of the experiences that others have.

Whilst I've never been pregnant, I have definitely experienced the feeling of "Phantom pregnancy" whilst undergoing Progesterone treatment- the dominant Hormone during pregnancy. I know the above feelings all too well!

I don't think my body actually thought it was pregnant, but the symptoms of pregnancy were definitely there!

These sessions are best done in the last trimester of your session when your baby bump is more prominent.  

The following Maternity portraits were taken in Vilnius, Lithuania:

2/ Maternity is the beginning of your family & Ancestry

At LA Photography you are also supplied a stunning range of dresses such as the white one that Greta is wearing. In the second image she is wearing her own.


Your Maternity time is the beginning of creating something precious: your family. 


Not only are you contributing to the establishment of your family but also your Legacy and Ancestry. 


Where does yours start? What is the History of your family? I bet it's fascinating. Perhaps now is a good time to start documenting it not only with portraits but couple it with a family tree and even a scrap book of important events. 

For me on my mothers side it started in Lithuania where my Grandparents were born. 

My take away from that is the amazing stories of survival. If you are aware of some of Lithuania's History, you may know what I am referring to. 

The tales of survival inspire me profusely to ever ever give up. 

How does your family History inspire you?

What inspirations would you like your Newborn to draw on from your family?

The History of our family extends beyond just us but to those who have gone before us. 


These $1,000 gift certificate will be available very, very soon!!

In order to register your interest, please email Laine at: laine@laphotographygc.com with the subject heading "Maternity gift certificate".

I will advise you as soon as they are available!


Firstly, that's me the Mastectomy woman. I feel like I'm in a very good position to be teaching others about body positivity and learning to love themselves again. What you feel within will be extended to your Newborn. 

Although I am an Accredited and multi International award winning photographer of 12 years who has photographed multiple genres in that time, unfortunately I don't always get the time to photograph more of what I want. 

One genre I want to photograph more of is Maternity, and that is why I am offering these gift vouchers. 

Mum's can see I am experienced with families, but not so much Maternity. I'd like to change that. 


Included in your gift voucher is:

1/ Your session fee which is a value of $350.

2/ Two 8 x 10" prints of your choice to the value of $590

3/ You will receive 2 folders of digital images for the 2 prints you choose only:

1 folder of the 2 images will be sized for social media use (with tasteful watermarking).

In the second folder, you will receive the digital files sized to 8 x 10" which you have permission to re- print as many times as you like where you like (with no watermarking).  

4/ A balance of $60 remaining to spend towards additional portraits. 

**** Please note, in order to receive these $1,000 Gift Certificates, following your choice

of the 2 prints you are NOT obliged to make any additional purchases. 

If you only wish to receive the 2 included prints, that is entirely your choice.

The only payment required is to my professional Makeup Artist. 


** There is NO payment required to be made to Laine at LA Photography.

** You are however required to make a payment of approximately $165 to my professional Makeup Artist. Please note, this amount may vary depending on the Makeup Artist that is available. I do not have control over this.

** Maternity portraits are for those women in their third Trimester when their "baby bump" is more prominent. 

** As LA Photography is a family service, I do require you to show proof you have been double vaccinated.

This is because I need to consider both my staff and clients who are busy members of households looking after their families. Thank you for respecting this. 

** LA Photography reserves the right to decline these Gift Certificates at any time.

It has been a pleasure watching Matias grow up since photographing Greta's Maternity session in Vilnius.