To make a mother feel beautiful enough to get in front of the camera for her children is the driving force of LA Photography.


Mariah happens to be a model who came in for some head shots. When I fully outlined all the services for clients including my family clients, as a mother of a two year old Mariah got it. In her words; "To know all I have to do is wake up, rock up and you will look after me from head to toe is music to my ears".


I recognised early on when doing family portraits, parents would spend so much time getting their children ready for the photo session at their own expense. As a result, over the past few years I have developed a service whereby the following is now provided for clients; 


~ Newborn outfits and props

~ Wardrobe for children (boys and girls)

~ Wardrobe for women fitting sizes extra small through to maternity. The wardrobe maybe viewed here

~ Makeover and hair styling by a professional makeup artist who has worked in film.

~ Professional photography by a fully accredited professional photographer who has also photographed celebrities. 


To see more of Mariah's images, click on the video below.