My advice for successful Portraits


As photographers we're encouraged to experience the process of portraits for ourselves. Personally, I love it! I love getting dressed up, having professional makeup and deciding how I want to be photographed. 

I've had several photographers photograph me.

I've learnt it's not necessarily the experience of a photographer that assures us that we will have the beautiful portraits we desire. 

I was actually photographed by a globally acclaimed photographer (who was and is still one of my favourite photographers that I look up to) and I was in tears! 


I am someone that looks better with minimal makeup, and her makeup artist put so much make up on me I was still removing it days later. 

I had another photographer who couldn't edit a protruding bone that I have in my back despite several attempts. For me it's a 2 second edit in Liquify. 

I was photographed by a photographer and there were several things she didn't listen to me about. 

We had heated discussions over email about the changes that I wanted and thankfully.... she was very accomodating!!


Once she made the changes I absolutely loved the images! I loved the images so much so that the next time I needed head shots I went back to her. 

This time she listened intently to my needs and I was ecstatic with the results! 

It is therefore not the experience of a photographer that determines the best portraits. 

To me I have learnt after being photographed by several it is when the photographer listens to our needs that results in a happy client.