Livia's beauty transformation

74 years young. Author. Survivor of domestic violence. Jazz entertainer. 

Livia is an incredibly inspiration woman who after having been through so much in her life proves survival is possible. The good news ladies is she has the most supportive and loving husband who truly gets her and I had the pleasure of meeting him. They have their own jazz duo. 

Livia has put pen to paper to write about her life and in turn this has helped countless women in their own recovery of domestic violence. She has many coffees weekly with her readers who want to thank her for the words of wisdom. 

Not only that, it seems Livia could easily be Elizabeth Taylor's twin- so we set to work on creating a personal branding and also Elizabeth Taylor glamour shoot. 

At 74, Livia has learned to embrace everything about herself- her weight, looks, everything. She was still nervous her arms may appear fat and refused to wear anything short sleeved that I had in the studio. She was originally only planning on wearing her long sleeved outfit.

I asked her to trust me. I explained to her that this is my role- to find out what it is you don't love about yourself and to show how we can still look amazing through styling and the correct wardrobe and accessories.

She trusted me and challenged me! I am so glad she did because she absolutely loved her images in her pink dress with the animal print. 

In other words- I met the challenge. 

At the preview session Livia exclaimed; "Why is it at home I look into the mirror and just see Livia but here.... I see Elizabeth Taylor. How do you do it?"

I pointed to her heart. I said; "The more you tell me about what you want, the more I can see the real you and what is in your heart just shines".

This is how successful portraiture works and how I can execute the best portraits of yourself you have ever seen. 

Livia's makeover and moving portrait: