What is needed to be a landscape photographer?

I write this because of assumptions I often encounter in my work and perhaps you are reading it as you are met with similar comments including;

"I wish I could have a holiday like you...."

"I wish I had work as easy and fun as you...." and so on. In other words, it maybe hard for others to discern your work versus "Just a holiday" or "A walk in nature...."

Many sometimes have a slight romantic idea about it, almost thinking we're being Julie Andrews circling around with our arms wide in the air in fields of green. 

The following are attributes desirable for someone who does landscape photography to have:

1/ An innate sense of obligation to put nature on exhibition. 

This seems quite obvious I would think. For me, my desire to do landscape and nature photography comes out of a sense of feeling that I had no other choice. I grew up around nature for half of my life. The Yarra River of Warrandyte was my back yard and play ground. We spent holidays in the bush and desert instead of luxurious Gold Coast resorts like other "normal" school kids did in school holidays. I felt a sense of starvation if I wasn't around nature and that I had to express this part of myself or I felt suppressed. 

2/ The ability to enjoy your own company and unusual hours. 

Some of the best landscape work is going to happen at unearthly hours hours, and you need to be willing to brave the elements of nature in those hours. Just the other day for example I drove for 12 hours up and down The Highlands by myself. My day started driving from Edinburgh at 5.30am in 5 degree extremely foggy conditions. It can be difficult to find a travel buddy who is willing to go the distance with you. 

The same if it is travel photography you are interested in. It means long hours flying, driving or being on trains or buses to get you to the location you intend to capture. It also means lots of hours in Hotel rooms and in between the times you plan to be photographing. 

This will definitely appeal to you if you are someone who can take in the beauty of nature for hours. Sometimes I wish time would just go away so I could freeze the vision ahead of me for eternity.