In every family session, I now take a moment to take portraits of mum. Why? Here is the average phone call I receive from mum's;


"Hi there, I was phoning to enquire about pricing for portraits just of my girl/ boy or children." When I ask why they do not intend on being included, the general response is; "Oh I don't know why I just take a terrible photo. It's not the fault of the person taking it- it's always just that I look terrible. I don't know why I just do so I just want beautiful images of my children".


It saddens me that the average mother thinks they are not beautiful enough to be in front of the camera for their children. It saddens me to know that the average mother doesn't realise just how valuable her portrait will be for her children one day. It saddens me the average mother doesn't stop to consider that maybe the bad photos were not because she looks terrible in photos, but because the person taking them didn't know how to take photos properly. 


So I went to work determined to prove another mother wrong to show Kate that she looks amazing in photos. These are her results. Keep in mind that Kate is a mother of beautiful twin boys and a gorgeous 16 year old daughter. Her family session maybe seen HERE