About Laine Allen of LA Photography


My name is Laine and I have been a professional photographer for 13 years.

I am a Multi International award winning photographer.


I am also a fully Accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

There is a new change here at LA Photography-

The Value of Wall Art

At LA Photography, we are not here to sell you 101 prints. 

Despite the prints at LA Photography are of the highest standard available in professional photography, the fact is if not treated with care damage can still be inflicted upon them, and we do not offer complimentary replacements for prints damaged in the home. 

I want clients to have prints that will last them through the generations. In other words, heirloom pieces. 

So much so that for a limited time, LA Photography has a tempting incentive for you to re- think the value and importance of wall art. 

Introducing the $310 gift voucher towards wall art

You have the choice to purchase prints (priced at $310 each), OR instead receive the value of a print of $310 in a form of a gift voucher towards wall art (single voucher ie not per wall art you are purchasing). 

I would prefer you have that one beautiful portrait of your family in the form of wall art that you are proud to display in your family home that will not endure the same risks of damage that a print may.

This choice is for all client sessions.


Another change at LA Photography- removal of session fee

Previously at LA Photography, there was a $350 session fee which I am now removing. 

The following fees are now in place instead which are paid to my professional Makeup Artists, not myself. 

That means at this stage you are not paying me anything. The reasons being is I only want you to invest in what you love.


I would prefer that what would normally be reserved for session fees to be put towards your wall art. I'm sure you would too! 

There are no catches. I'm simply that convinced you will love the products & services we have to offer here.

Fees for Makeup Artist's:

0- 6 months: There are no fees for this age group. This also includes for Newborn sessions. 

6 months- 16 years: $65 per child. 

Adults (from 16 years): $165 per person- per female and male. 

Makeovers include receiving both makeup and hair styling by a professional Makeup Artist. 

** Please note- this fees may vary if there has been a change of Makeup Artist. It won't be by too much though and you will be advised well ahead of time. 

** Please also be advised these fees are being directly paid to your Makeup Artist and not myself and therefore products are not included. 

Why children as early as 6 months receive makeovers


The difference in price should assure you children this young do not receive a "complete Makeover". Children receive a little lip gloss, blush and the focus is on making sure their hair is absent of stray hairs. 

I introduced this because I learnt quickly in wedding photography flower girls loved the opportunity to dress up just like mum for a day.


When speaking to a Lithuanian client about this, this is exactly what she said her daughter was excited for!

The portraits are not casually styled portraits. At LA Photography you will all receive the full pampering experience to have you relaxed and feeling confident you will look your best. 

Remember, these portraits are designed so that in 30 years time your future Generations will be able to learn about their past through you. They are Heirloom pieces.

I can assure you that your child will absolutely love the experience!

Why males receive a Makeover


For males the emphasis is on foundation to balance your complexion and hair styling. Balancing your complexion is especially important in the State of Queensland where we all have exposure to the sun. Some of us have partial tanning and sunburn on our faces. 

The role of my Makeup Artist is to correct things in person so I have less work to do in Photoshop.

** Receiving makeovers as part of these sessions is a requirement otherwise I would need to charge additional for skin corrections Photoshop.  

I had one man resist this so much and he made us promise we would have it all removed before he let anyone see him in public. 

Just as the clients were about to leave I remembered we forgot to remove the makeup to which he replied; "It's all good- it's hardly noticeable like I was worried it would be!" 

Here is another male client enjoying the fun of preparing for portraits;


A summary of the pricing changes & process at LA Photography

At this stage of the process, you are only paying my Makeup Artist. This is for 3 reasons;

1/ I would prefer instead of charging you a session fee that you invest in wall art and;

2/ This will make me work harder to ensure you only have images that you love. 

3/ If you decide that you are not happy with any of the images taken during the session, you will receive one complimentary print of your choosing. 

How do I do this? It starts with offering you a complimentary Consultation to discuss your needs for your portraits. 

Whilst this can be done on a video call on Skype (which is free to download) I strongly advise for you to meet me in the studio. It allows you to meet me in person. You get to see and be excited by what I have available that maybe difficult for me to show you on a small video screen. 

I also want to emphasise that if I have not convinced you that I am the right photographer for you, there is no obligation to book following the Consultation. 

Isn't it better to find out in advance just by this simple meeting if we are the right fit?

I'm not here to force sell you. I am here to provide you with portraits that you will love. Force selling results in buyers remorse or unhappiness in general. 

Me being able to provide you with portraits you love begins with attentive listening on my part. These products are an investment. Just like any good investment it begins with the correct planning. 

To learn about the process of portraits at LA Photography head HERE.

Otherwise, continue scrolling to be taken to contacting me. 


For enquiries to book

Book your compliment Consultation to find out more where there is NO obligation to pursue with booking your portrait session.

This is done in the studio so that you can view the wardrobe and the products. 

By doing this you will be informed from the beginning this is the right portrait session for you.


When you decide to book, we can also start styling you correctly for your body type. 

At LA Photography I can assure you there is no force selling, only a service designed to ensure your happiness. 

Request your complimentary Consultation by emailing Laine at:

Please expect a response within 48 hours and look forward to meeting you.

Studio Re- Opening

Please note, the studio will be re- opening from July 21st.