Head shots don't have to be boring!

Meet You. Fabulous You. That's who your clients will be meeting when they see you for the first time. When they see your profile picture on Facebook or your website. When they consider you for that job interview. Whether they will invite you for that job interview. What look do you want to show them?


It is my role to assist you to express your personality during your head shot session and that means finding out about what you want your clients experience to be of you. We will bring that to life through your portrait sitting.


Head shots do NOT have to be boring! I refuse for my clients to feel bored in a session. This is your work this is your livelihood this is YOU they are meeting.


Meet You. Meet Fabulous You. Meet the Real You.


These sessions include a makeover and hair styling by my amazing professional makeup artist- bringing the look you want. Let's get clear right here in this session what you want your clients to experience of you.