Haivyn The Fairy Princess

The Fairy Princess Garden was established to honour the memory of my sister. As she was growing up, she believed that Fairy Princesses roamed the garden and were the most beautiful creatures in nature!

Therefore, in these sessions we transform your daughters into real life Fairy Princesses where they will be the most beautiful in the land!

The Fairy Princess Garden shoots are only done at the LA Photography studio and from 4pm due to the harshness of the midday light. 

For a 4 year old, coming into a new environment can be quite daunting. So I make sure the can enjoy a few of their favourite things whilst in studio. In the case of Haivyn, it was watching Pepper the Pig videos on Youtube to offer them the sense of familiarity and just like a real Fairy Princess to feel like they are fully being catered for;
Haivyn's first encounter with glitter!