Newborn sessions with LA Photography


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NEWBORN DEFINITION AND SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Newborn portraits are for those babies who are 10 days and younger.


This is extremely important due to how rapidly the physiology of your baby changes.


Newborn posing cannot be done for older babies as the posing is not only uncomfortable but potentially unsafe. There are several reasons why the age determines the poses we can achieve.

Many Newborn poses as you may notice mimic the posture they maintained whilst in your womb. At up to 10 days old this is very easy for them to achieve.


At this age they still sleep soundly and their sleeping can be assisted gently by ensuring the room temperature is very warm.


This is also important being that they are unable as yet to manipulate their own body temperature. Please therefore expect the studio to be very warm, and dress appropriately. 

For a 3 week old baby this becomes a challenge as their body starts developing. At LA Photography, both safety and comfort of your Newborn is the first consideration. 



* An award winning photographer

* A photographer of 8 years with a Diploma of Professional Photography

* A Fully Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

*  I have been specifically professionally trained in Newborn photography

* Australian and English speaking, but here as I am a Lithuanian descendent. 

Inside the studio- what to expect from a session:

1/ You will be actively engaged in participating in the session.


You may for example be needed to help your bundle of joy drift off to sleep. 

Your presence puts them at ease.

2/ In my studio, there is absolutely no guilt allowed. 

Babies cry, they have digestive requirements to be taken care of and mum's need to breast feed. 


Your little one is simply getting used to being in the world for just under 10 days!

In my studio, the  number one priority is the comfort of your Newborn.

What's so great about the products?


With LA Photography, you have 2 choices in the products you can choose from, the portfolio being one.

Your leather portfolio will include (12) 8 x 10" archival prints in mats.  

Archival prints mean that as long as they are cared for, they could last up to 75 years 

** In this product, you will also receive the digital files of those 12 prints you get to choose and you will have unlimited printing rights. 


** You will receive the digital files to upload straight to social media. The files will be sent to you via Dropbox. 


~ A modern way to display your wall art. 

~ Your image is printed on archival quality inks assuring their long life. 

~ The plexiglass used means you can expect no fading for 30 + years. 

~ You also receive the digital files of the images you purchase.


Here at LA Photography, as you are investing in heirloom products designed to last beyond a lifetime, a Complimentary 2 hour preview session is also included. 

We don't leave you alone with the overwhelming decision of selecting your heirloom images and we assist you in this process to choose the right images for you. 

At LA Photography, we do not believe in force selling. You only take home the products you love and cannot live without. .

You will again have the opportunity to feel and view the products, and choose what is right for you. 

This will also be your time where you may make your purchases or choose to enter into a payment plan. 


The images will be used to produce a "posing guide" (for internal use only not for commercial publication) for future parents to see traditional Newborn images they could receive from me in a session.

This will assist them in planning their session to choose poses and colour schemes. 


~ Your Newborn must be between 0- 10 days old at the time of the session.

Please note, in this instance older babies will not be considered for reasons explained in the safety section and therefore this requirement is not changeable. 

~ You must allow behind the scenes imagery and video to be taken so I can assure future interested parents why this is the right service for them.

~ Please provide me with your email address AND if you would like to receive future emails from me about current work at LA Photography. As someone not a fan of spending too much time on email, you can be greatly assured you won't be spammed with too many emails from me. 

To get started:


Email me at or message me on my Facebook page HERE and I will answer any enquiries you may have. 

We will also book your pre Consultation so we can design your session. You will most likely have a quicker response via Facebook. 

How I got "the shot":

Mum Toni helped me with this one by maintaining toddler Amelia's focus as we let baby sleep. The before image should be proof that it's hard to imagine the final image just by looking at the before!


The most important thing is to have the elements in place that we need to tell the story we want to.... and the correct lighting is key. 

Here I wanted to create a "Man (girls) in the Moon" image. Therefore I placed lots of fake cloud around the Moon prop. Please note, the moon prop is only available at the Gold Coast studio in Australia. 

I had a black seemless paper backdrop behind the girls, and fairy lights streaming down the backdrop. 

Then, in Photoshop it was just a matter of taking a stock image of stars and we have the final image!

Sometimes in these situations parents may have a little doubt because in their minds they are seeing what is in the studio, not what is in my mind of the final image we are working towards.


They become completely rest assured once they do and then all they need to do is choose the images and Collections they love! 


Yes, I photograph Maternity also!