Meet Elle: my client with Parkinson's who had two glamour photography sessions with me.

Firstly, let's discuss Elle's beautiful physical appearance: and put any questions to rest. Why does she have a battery in her heart and why does she look anorexic?


The truth is, at this stage Elle was of an anorexic weight. Part of why she had two glamour sessions with me was because she wanted to monitor her physical changes following the surgery. She's a Rheumatologist- she wants to know these things. 


Elle explained to me that Dyskinesia is the equivalent of a constant physical workout: hence why she is of anorexic appearance. Her weight is also due to side affects of Parkinson's directly affecting her digestive processes. Dyskinesia however is a side effect of the medication for Parkinson's, not of Parkinson's. 

The first physiological feature which is more noticeable of Elle is the battery that is placed over her heart, and perhaps the surgical entry wounds on her head. The Deep Brain Stimulation procedure is a procedure used to correct issues such as Dyskinesia and other neurological conditions. 


DBS uses a surgically implanted, battery-operated medical device called an implantable pulse generator (IPG) - similar to a heart pacemaker and approximately the size of a  stopwatch to - deliver electrical stimulation to specific areas in the brain that control movement, thus blocking the abnormal nerve signals that cause PD symptoms. Please click here for reference and link to article. 


Elle had 2 glamour sessions with me to gain self love and acceptance during her time of surgery for her Deep Brain Stimulation procedure. In her first session she arrived with her twin sister, Stephanie. The two beautiful girls are in fact twins. Their physiological differences is owing to the weight loss caused by Dyskinesia for Elle, and Stephanie has Diabetes. I can write that and in the following blog you will learn more about Stephanie. To read more about Stephanie and her journey, click here

Elle felt relieved in having myself as her photographer as she knew by me being a graduated Scientist continuing in studies she did not have to explain the nature of her condition and she knew I was aware of her limitations without her telling me. For once, she felt like she did not need to explain herself which assisted her to feel able to be more at ease with being herself.


Elle and Stephanie were Melbourne clients of mine as I work between Melbourne and Gold Coast. 


I need to warn others that sometimes glamour sessions become addictive. I do have clients who want to come back for more because for the first time ever they saw beauty in themselves- and it truly is being like a model or rockstar for a day! Both Elle and Stephanie came back for a second session each. Elle came back with her husband to also track her physiological changes, and Stephanie came back with her husband and son. 


In each clients sessions, we want to find out what is the purpose of them. Why have you decided it is time to have your portrait taken? We want to find out about items that maybe special to you that you are welcome to bring in. For example, the scarves as worn by Elle were given to her by her sisters during her surgery and they remain an item of comfort for her.