Head shots: Giulia from Makeup by Giulia

I met Giulia yesterday for a client makeover shoot. Due to public transport, the client wasn't able to make it. This would have been my first time in working with Giulia, as my usual makeup artist needed to work. This is actually why I like to have a few makeup artists on my team- because like me my makeup artists usually have other commitments including family.


By having several makeup artists, it means conveniance for my clients by having more time available to them because the team is. I'm also glad to learn my previous makeup artist who I had working with me in my previous home studio is moving back to the Gold Coast soon!


However, I liked Giulia instantly. She radiated professionalism, warmth and friendliness. She was easy to talk to from the get go. No awkward silence- instant friendly chatter. 


Since my client wasn't able to arrive for her shoot due to public transport, Giulia was kind enough to only charge me travel money. In turn I gave her head shots- so she could also experience the session herself as well as have some professional head shots for her website and social media to use. Giulia offers a full range of makeup services including hair styling. She was even in the Top 5 Brides' Choice of the Wedding Awards! Speaking of which- you can head to her website here