Gift Vouchers

My clients themselves actually gave me the idea of introducing gift vouchers- especially my past wedding and family clients. 

If I had clients close to Christmas time, family clients would ask if relatives could also view the images to contribute towards purchases. 

Christmas time is expensive for families as we know, and aren't we always running out of ideas for the perfect present for our loved ones?

Hence the introduction of making gift vouchers available on my website. 

Gift Voucher amounts available

Gift Voucher policies

These gift vouchers maybe applied to any type of session.

*** If you are purchasing them as a surprise for a loved one, refund policies still apply. Please therefore ensure this is something they really want.

Refund policies maybe found HERE.


*** LA Photography is not responsible if your loved one decides they do not want a portrait session for themselves.

Example 1: You may know a friend is about to undergo a Mastectomy and believe my Mastectomy sessions may help boost his/ her confidence.

Example 2: You may decide to give a gift voucher for your partner but they decide they don't want a portrait session. 

Example 3: Your friend maybe about to give birth and you hope to gift them a Newborn session. However, perhaps they were unable to receive the session as they were too busy looking after their Newborn. 


*** If they decline this gift from you, refund policies still apply.

*** I highly recommend you ensure this is something your friend desires before purchasing. 

*** In this instance if you don't want to tell them about your surprise gift, I would recommend a gift voucher of a smaller amount and then you can upgrade it once you know they want to go ahead with it.

*** I recommend a chat with me before purchasing to be informed about pricing ***

*** LA Photography is not responsible if recipients choose to not receive a portrait session ***

To make payment choose your gifting amount of $1,000, $500, $250 or $100 with a simple click here;