Familial Generational Shoots- Part 1

As a child I was so lucky that since as early as I can remember, my family were ALL about the "familial generational portrait". Our Grandparents were part of the family portraits I actually have or if not them my Cousin's. Maybe this is my observation only, but to me it seems these days it's more common to have family portraits only including the immediate family. 

Believe you me, there were In Law issues in our family or someone was too fussy but I am so grateful whoever that fussy person was had been. Without someone being fussy and demanding we have that "bad family photo", I wouldn't have those portraits to remember my family by. Those memories that take place of them not being in my life.

I am in the unique position where I have experienced the loss of both sets of my Grandparents, my parents and my sister. All I have of my family are portraits, and it is for that reason I understand their true value. Without those portraits I wouldn't have those pictures to help me freeze their images in my mind forever.  

People wonder why I urge them to update their family portraits.... I'm the one on the far right.

For me, only the front row are left, minus my sister who is second from the left. 

If you were to go looking for portraits of your loved ones what would you find? Beautiful professionally styled family portraits, or something more like this that you would rather be hid from the world? 

Introducing Natalie and her families

It was so much fun to photography the family dynamics of Natalie and her two sides of the family. I'll be honest. The guys weren't that keen for the shoot but why did they come together for this? Natalie told them to and because they loved Natalie- not to mention gorgeous 10 month old Ollie. 

How adorable is Ollie telling the camera (me) who is beautiful whilst in hair and makeup?

The part 2 of the Blog will have an emphasis on the behind the scenes including videos of editing the work. Stay tuned for that!

Personality and the things you love to do when spending time together as a family is what makes you unique as a family. You will always be given a chance to show this. 

The time to update your family portraits is NOW. I know first hand tomorrow is never guaranteed. I know first hand how it feels when we don't get to choose how we want to be remembered. You get the blessing of being able to choose to do this and how you want to do this. 

Natalie and her family were styled and dressed by LA Photography using the wardrobe from the fabulous LA Photography studio. They all (including little Ollie and the gents!) had makeup and hair done by my fabulous professional makeup artist. 

I am so determined to make it easy for you to update your family portraits that I am offering a gift voucher of $500 towards your session and (some) product (what is included is dependent upon the total number of family members but you still receive a $500 gift voucher). 

To get started book now by emailing Laine at laine@laphotographygc.com using the heading "family voucher".

I implore you to engage in this opportunity for your family to invest in its future by showing your future generation who you were today. 

I look forward to hearing from you.